Mustang (2007)
    by Mustang

    Mustang Fragrance Notes

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    Mustang Spray Cologne and Splash A/S Review

    very good masculine aroma with excellent longevity and and a/s splash compliments it very well.

    one of the best inexpensive ones out there

    has a amber/leather drydown.


    Pros: very appealing to the girls
    Cons: none. this is a winner"

    11th July, 2013

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    This is such a criminally underrated scent! You can detect every note, each of which folds neatly into the others to make the perfect and sophisticated blend of woods, florals, and tobacco. I challenge anyone to wear this during the Fall/Winter months and NOT receive compliments.

    08 April, 2013 (Last Edited: 09 April, 2013)

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    Not bad at all. Smells like a frag you may have smelled a hundred times (very generic), but the scent is pretty good. You get a dose of all the notes in this one. For the price, you can't go wrong with this one.

    14 January, 2013

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    To me its all top notes; lemon, lavender and ginger. Very pleasant. But thumbs down for being pathetically weak. I put on four sprays 15min ago and now can barely smell it on my skin. At this strength, it's completely and utterly useless.

    I bought this blind, in part based on the comments here about its strength, e.g., "sillage beast and longevity over 12 hours." That is either referring to a completely different frag also called Mustang, or this has been reformulated down to nothing. Or, as cbnnexus says, there are two different makers. My bottle is by "Blossom Concepts," too, not Estee Lauder.

    Take 2: I've found that while it does not last on my skin, it does just fine on my clothes. It's weak, so I put on four sprays (one to skin, three to shirt), and find it longevity at least average. Projection seems modest, but I can still smell it on myself at 6 hrs, which is respectable. And I still love the scent. Its a very linear, predominantly ginger scent but dries down to a powdery nutmeg and the very end.

    21st December, 2012 (Last Edited: 11th January, 2013)

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    I agree with odysseusm - quite basic and bland copy of hundreds of men's scents of the past few decades. Very light grass oil, woody, touch of mint. Way too light, no sillage and it's gone in an hour. Very unremarkable.

    26 September, 2012

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    I was absolutely pleased with this scent. It was remarkable. Wonderful dry down as well. Unfortunately, once the top and some of the midnotes wear off, the projection goes down to skin level (about one hour). From there on out, it stays at skin level. It's really a shame, because the scent could have been great for all seasons and all occasions. Just a wonderful, versatile, masculine scent.

    I am partly wondering if it is a brand thing. This cologne is supposed to be Estee Lauder / Aramis, or simply by Mustang. For whatever reason, this is "Blossom Concepts". I'm not sure what that means, or if it means anything. I can't get any information on it.

    25 August, 2012

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