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Axe Essence (200)
by Axe / Lynx


Axe Essence information

Year of Launch200
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseAxe / Lynx
Parent CompanyUnilever
Parent Company at launchUnilever > Fabergé

About Axe Essence

Axe Essence is a masculine fragrance by Axe / Lynx. The scent was launched in 200

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Reviews of Axe Essence

Tried it by chance last day in a store.
I know would be ridiculous to require a lot from a supermarket's kind of deodorant but this one is simply a disaster. A nuclear cloud of benzene, acid, addle fruit, herbs, Ddt and alcohol. Try it in the hot seasons agaist the bugs.
20th October, 2011
There's enough intial "green" in this one to make more mature audiences think they might want to use it. Don't. This stuff is is like the form Polo might take after a nervous breakdown. Smelling the deo stick in no way prepares one for the can smell and built in various murky dimensions. A great scent for troubled jocks.
15th September, 2009
dw1243 Show all reviews
United States
This Axe bodyspray/deodorant smells like a very generic sport deodorant smell. The only things that I really pick up from the mix is a very prominent icy hot/tiger balm note and a weird 10 year-old herb scent.... If you must use Axe at least use the halfway passable Phoenix
16th June, 2009
Absolutely terrible. The only thing this really smells like to me is the can it comes in and the isubutane/propane/nuclear propellant that pushes this tawdry stuff out. The rest is pretty much gone faster than a box of twinkies in a stoner's house.

Interesting note, though: I sprayed it on a hat a couple times (had one of those bullets, which was the whole reason I got it in the first place: neat packaging) and it slowly it mutated into the smell of... wait for it... A dog's anal glands.

I swear on any holy book you wish, I am not making this up! I should know, too: I have to frequently dodge the stuff in the kennel where I work. I am not attempting to imply that it was the frag's fault - it was probably chemically reacting with something in my hair, or something that my hat was dry-cleaned with - but it just as well. Blech.
17th May, 2009

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