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Narciso Rodriguez for Him (2007)
by Narciso Rodriguez


Narciso Rodriguez for Him information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 536 votes)

People and companies

HouseNarciso Rodriguez
PerfumerFrancis Kurkdjian
Parent CompanyShiseido > Beaute Prestige International

About Narciso Rodriguez for Him

Narciso Rodriguez for Him is a masculine fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian

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Reviews of Narciso Rodriguez for Him

iobhai Show all reviews
United States
You're having sex on some rain-soaked asphalt. You're chewing ice in a dark cave. You're being followed at night and it's turning you on. Narciso Rodriguez For Him.
07th February, 2018
I can only assume this scent is very susceptible to skin chemistry. Like nearly all who dislike it, it causes waves of revulsion. Despite three scrubs its tenacious synthetic musks and other horrors will not leave my skin. Usually violet leaves are one of my favourite perfume notes but something here leaves a sour, nauseating stench, some have referred to green peppers or rotting cucumbers or concrete. Whatever it is, this is a scent that must be tried, and tried on the skin. If it works for you then fantastic, but if not, I think you will be avoiding for the rest of time.
02nd July, 2017
The opening is very nice, but it soon dries down to a feminine scent. Might be for others, but I don't like florals.

I appreciate and recognize it as a very very good if not great fragrance, but it reminds me to YSL Kouros and I despise that fragrance even though it is very well made.
05th December, 2016 (last edited: 07th December, 2016)
The Opening

Vague, pristine green fields and misty woods...woody and musky, all conjure an aura of bold sophistication. At this stage I do get the much talked about cucumber accord, which makes it slighty fresh but not a freshy-freshy type of smell, just makes that patchouli and musky woods get more vibrant and exciting; I assume this is why people associate it at this stage with the color green. It is stylish, it is trendy but not in a pretentious or obvious-posh kind of way - It evokes hot humid summer nights in my mind. Again, not just another freshy or woody oriental...something unique, understated and truly refined.


The wetness and green vibe fade away, and it gets drier but still as hypnotic. More feminine at this stage, you can actually detect a little Narciso Rodriguez For her in the background. It is still dense but not thick, still allures and attracts the nose at the same time its uniquess repels it - so, so interesting to a trained nose, and even unconscious one...

The grey bottle tricks people into thinking this falls into a flat category of fragrances, but I believe its magnetic depth has enough layers to makes us visualize any color we want - I happen to believe that if this fragrance had a color it would be blue, due to its magnetic quality. I will even share a theory with you, that the color grey was purposely used as a way perhaps of covering and attenuating Narciso For Him's boldness and subtle feminine vibe towards the end of its life span on the skin, but again, this is just a silly conspiracy theory. Love it anyway. This fragrance is the opposite of boring, despite the minimalist aesthetics of the bottle.

13th May, 2016
Ive owned this for a few months now and can say that this is one of my favorite scents of all time. With over 70 bottles in my collection I just keep reaching for it. To me its a "Wow scent". I just kept saying "Wow" to myself after my first experience with it. I love to write wordy, detailed reviews but there's nothing that can be said about this scent which hasn't been said in the couple hundred or so prior reviews.

I will just confirm what many have already written which is this scent is a MASTERPIECE of HUGE proportions and yes it does have a concrete like vibe to it. But when people said that in the past I was expecting something totally different. This smells like concrete if it were sweetly I love about it is it's fresh and dense at the same time which is why it's an extremely versatile fragrance that you can pull off in all 4 seasons.

If u are a fan of smelling unique then open up a new tab and BLIND buy this scent NOW...It lasts, it projects and is another scent which is the Fragrance collector's dream...Something which should be far more exclusive being sold at an accessible price.

Simply put...this scent is Genius...

10/10...I give it a 10 because that's what Masterpieces in perfumery get.
27th April, 2016
harper Show all reviews
United States
this is growing on me -- fast.

simply put:
starts green and wet and violet.
morphs into something very dry and gray and dusty (stony-vetiver.)
then relaxes into musk -- with hints of the above.


(note: evokes both fahrenheit and ck be. but better then either.)
11th April, 2016

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