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3121 (2007)
by Prince


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyRevelations Perfumes and Cosmetics

About 3121

3121 is a feminine perfume by Prince. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of 3121

I really donít know what to make of this one. Iíve been experiencing it in a couple of different ways: In a certain sense I rather like it and enjoy its uniqueness and consider it abstractly creative to an extent. In the other sense, it is just too chaotic and I really have difficulty wrapping my mind about it. Itís takes the extroverted tuberose and distills it down to a mere blip on the radar. It plays with a couple versions of a woody ambiance and after experimenting, does nothing Ė it goes nowhere and I donít think it ever intended to go anyplace else. It shifts between feminine and masculine and it shifts between darkly serious and insipid. It inhabits the edge of acceptance, but it is unfussily wearable. One sure thing I can say about it is that it is unique.

27th July, 2009
I really like this fragrance, it is nothing what I had expected it to be. I own both the EDP and the Xquisite Perfume, the Xquisite lasts longer than the EDP but smells exactly the same to me, only stronger. It is a very nice floral scent, even though it is synthetic it is very nice & is very unique for a celebrity scent. I love the incense smell in this, someone mentioned in a previous review that they hate that about it, so, to each their own I guess. Something in this at first spray reminds me of grape kool-aid. Its a unisex fragrance, it wasnt intended just for women. Here is part of an interview from USA Today with the CEO of Revelation Perfumes, the manufacturer of the scent, and he confirms that it is a unisex fragrance. You can find this interview on USA Today's website, search Prince 3121.
"When Prince began shopping for a perfumer, he rejected big firms and settled on small Philadelphia-based Revelations.
Prince seldom comments about such ventures, but Revelations CEO Larry Couey doesn't mind sharing details. The Jehovah's Witness convert "was intrigued by our name," Couey says. He "liked that we had a fragrance called Truth. He said he'd never smelled the truth."
Prince decreed a purple and gold box, an emerald-cut violet bottle, a vertically stacked logo and no photos of him on the package. And the scent? "He knew what notes he wanted: a lot of musk, sandalwood and cedar," Couey says. "We went back and forth, tweaking and adjusting. Once we got it, he loved it. He said, 'Get me 12 bottles, and keep me in supply.' "
Like Prince's earlier Get Wild fragrance, 3121 is gender-neutral. "It's sensual," Couey says. "It's unisex, but his fan base is 80% female, so it leans toward the feminine."
15th March, 2009
I donít feel I can say anything bad about this perfume, but I am not as enthusiastic about it as I was hoping I would be. Primarily because, while it does not smell like many other cookie-cutter celebrity and mass market scents, it is not particularly original either. From the moment I smelled it, I felt I was already familiar with it. It reminded me of quite a few fragrances, all of which I like to some extent but donít love. Such as the opening notes for Sira des Indes, the floral bouquet of Pure Poison (only richer), Carnal Flower (less full-bodied though) and Allure (yet less powdery) and the clean patchouli and musk base of Lovely and Pure Turquoise plus hints of the incense and musk that is in Pure Poison. Princeís music is original and cutting edge. His perfume isnít. All the same, it is very wearable, and Iím sure I will be using up my 30ml bottle pretty fast. Itís just that kind of a fun fragrance that can be worn nearly anywhere and anytime. Iím curious to try the perfume concentration (itís called ďXquisite PerfumeĒ and comes in 15ml), as white florals usually smell better (creamier and richer) in higher concentrations, and in hopes they will also last longer before the cleaner and flatter base notes arrive.
09th August, 2007
3121 is an absolute wreck of a perfume. It just has that constant odor of when you stand in front of an incense display at a store, where all the smells mix together and it's slightly nauseating. THUMBS WAY DOWN on this one. Sorry Prince... looks like it was a swing and a miss...
20th July, 2007
This fragrance is a miserable mess. Gardenia is the only note I could decipher at the top, for a brief moment, until the ylang ylang kicked in. I have never enjoyed ylang ylang in any scent. I find it stinky, and it stinks to high heaven in this 3121. After a long while, maybe 7-8 hours, the stink-weed smell subsides and I'm left with a stale mustiness which makes me feel...uh...'not so fresh'. Where are the delicate notes of orange flower, muguet, tuberose, jasmine? Where is the earthy patchouli or aromatic cedarwood? I don't know who crafted this disaster, maybe it should have been named "911" or possibly "666". Honestly, I think this is the worst perfume I've ever encountered.
16th July, 2007

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