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Cordovan (2007)
by Banana Republic


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBanana Republic
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Cordovan

Cordovan is a masculine fragrance by Banana Republic. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Cordovan

Clean, fresh, woody.
Absolutely nothing offensive here, and it garners compliments.
It is a keeper and my simple wintertime signature scent. It could be considered generic but there's that 10% of it that you haven't smelled before. It's versatile enough to wear out in slacks and leather jacket or just a day at home.
10th February, 2018
I didn't recall Cordovan being one of my favorite Banana Republic scents (Black Walnut is definitely superior in my opinion) but it seemed worth another try via blind buy, and it does make for a pleasant fresh spicy option. It comes off as a mix of leather, vetiver, lavender, bergamot, and even perhaps some juniper and fig, though the latter two might just be a guess.

It's certainly more ideal for cold weather usage but is light enough to probably have year-round versatility, though I'd certainly prefer to just use it casually on cold weather days and wear something else at night or for more formal occasions.

Projection and longevity aren't much to speak of, but given that it's now reached secondhand status (at $20 for 100ml at Marshalls), Cordovan is a reasonable deal.

6 out of 10
05th January, 2016
I just tried this in the store and it is an almost a direct clone of Emporio Armani 'He'. I haven't yet tried them side by side, but by memory the smell is identical.

I have only seen Emporio's fragrance at the Emporio store and at the Giorgio Armani Beauty website. They no longer carry it at Macy's or Bloomingdale's which makes me think they are taking it out of production. If that is the case I might end up buying this but there is something just a little off about this one...Too powdery? Something dowdy in here...can't tell what it is.

Also the name and bottle are terrible. Cordovan sounds like a prescription drug. I can hear the advertising voice-over saying "Don't take Cordovan if you have a history of..."

And the bottle is cheap and ugly in my opinion. I would feel gross seeing this on my bureau-top. I can't imagine spritzing myself with this before going out. Also the gun metal cap had me wondering if it was a wink to the Emporio Armani gun metal bottle.

03rd November, 2012
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United States
This is a well-blended fragrance that has no "rough edges." Also, it does not start off very strong, and so "power frag" guys might be disappointed. The projection ("sillage") is never very strong, but it is persistant and quite pleasant. Longevity, on the other, is excellent. This is one to wear at the shirt line, to maximize the projection. As to the actual smell, the fig is clearly present and I think most would geuss that it has bergamot in it. It doesn't start out all that promising, but when a slightly "synthetic" quality burns off (or you get used to it), it is a very pleasant fragrance that I would use for just about any occasion, though I could see how many might call it an "office fragrance." I could also see comparisons to fragrances like Bvlgari Pour Homme or Valenti's 101 for men, but this doesn't have tea or anisic qualities. I prefer this one, though, because unlike the other two, this one doesn't bore me, even after several hours.
14th November, 2009

I hesitated to get this one for testing because I do not like leather fragrances, but the other reviewers spoke more about woods than leather, so I guessed that this might be safeÖ It is.

It took me a while to smell the notes and accords in Cordovan. Itís not a strong fragrance, and what little I get from it smells more synthetic than anything else; however, itís not an annoying synthetic note Ė itís typical of the notes of several of the popular modern fragrances and I find it quite agreeable. The green of the opening and middle is seriously understated. I donít actually smell the nutmeg that is supposed to be in the heart notes, but I do detect a warmth in the background that could very well be a soft nutmeg note. No discernible leather to me from the base, and the woods are very quiet. Like most skin scents, it has poor longevity. This is a pleasant skin scent and I like it enough to give it a hesitant thumbs upÖ Banana Republic does good stuff.

21st October, 2009
I have to agree with Sir Slarty, when he said it was really nice on clothes, too. An office scent that could be considered a little "sexy" but not overbearing to make your co-workers hold their noses in disgust.
22nd January, 2009

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