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Allure Homme Sport Cologne (2007)
by Chanel


Allure Homme Sport Cologne information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PackagingJacques Helleu
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Allure Homme Sport Cologne

Allure Homme Sport Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Chanel. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge. The bottle was designed by Jacques Helleu

Allure Homme Sport Cologne fragrance notes

Reviews of Allure Homme Sport Cologne

Allure Homme Sport Cologne is indeed a fresh, 'sporty' fragrance, with a synthetic but well done accord of citrus on a base of clean musk. Usually something along such lines end up being sub par; but here it is different. What I like about it is that the focus is soft and hazy - there's no shrill or sharp edge. It doesn't smell like a modern Chanel masculine; rather, it smells something that Hermes would probably release, save for the effect something akin to 'aldehydes' in the very beginning, toned down and very brief. The scent itself is very simple, but is fun and never intrusive. I find sillage to be close but persistent, and duration is surprisingly good at several hours in hot weather.

Allure Homme Sport isn't the best in its category on the market; Mugler Cologne is. However, Allure Homme Sport is a viable second choice, given how disappointing all masculine mainstream 'sport' fragrances or colognes are nowadays, especially with the demise of Dior Homme Sport. The other interesting aspect is that I imagine it work would quite well on women. Allure Homme Sport Cologne is probably something that was supposed to run totally contrary to my taste; yet, it doesn't, and I have bought myself a 150 ml bottle. It has quickly become a wardrobe staple in the hot weather.

02nd September, 2018
Synthy bergamot
With oddly natural charms.
Citrus 2 point eau.
02nd February, 2018
A fresh, light scent which is less an obvious flanker of the original Allure Homme Sport than, perhaps, Chanel's take on having its own classic "sport" scent (cf. Dior Homme Sport, which smells nearly identical to AHSC).

I like the white musk in this one, which takes over as the dominant note almost within minutes of the spray-on flurry of citrus fruit peel. The musk sets this one apart from other "sport" fragrances, providing an anchoring effect to this one. Tonka is just barely present, acting more to accentuate the musky-fresh composition than to inject perceivable sweetness. The citron adds the cologne touch that is worthy of AHSC's name.

Overall, a surprising fragrance to me because I was expecting the original Allure Homme Sport to envelope me in its own welcoming way, yet I got what strikes me as a fairly nice, though not totally original, take on warm weather colognes with a tiny nod towards vetiver scents (though not a note listed in this one). Pleasant, predictable, and "friendly" outing from Chanel.
19th February, 2017
I like this one very much.

The opening is a very strong predominant Citrus. It's quasi-artificial, like the one you could smell on hot towels in an asiatic retaurant ... or in airplanes!
But the guy is not that simple. It's a Cologne with a musk base (not herbal). The strong lime decreases quite fast and makes place for the other components.

Allure Sport Cologne is really very easy to wear: of course in summer, but I've tried it anywhere, anyhow, anyseason .... it is always wearable.
The projection is discrete, but poeple really often like it and ask me what it is! Sillage is mild and longevity poor.
But you can still find something interesting on your clothes the day after.

I use it as an "innocent" smell when I don't know what to wear, or when I need something light. It also has really something exciting: it's a joy for me when I spray it on me.

I am not expert enough to guess the direct relation with the original "Allure" - it's a double-flanker after all.
In my opinion, Chanel could have released this as an independent scent and called it "Eau légère" or "Eau d'été", or "Cologne Sport" after all but without any reference to Allure.

This Chanel is my everyday nice friend.

As a remark, I would mention that I once had a big bottle, and found that the lime was not really fresh - almost like curry - (maybe a batch problem). I always buy small ones.
26th June, 2016
A hard and sharp lemon - citrus cologne with an unpleasant white musk base.
Smells like the wet wipes they hand out on buses in the middle east.
02nd July, 2015
Having owned and liked Allure Homme Sport EdT I was expecting something of similar quality. Nope...has a big dose of white musk right off the bat which immediately screams cheap. The lemon note isn't well done and smells like something you'd clean counters with. White musk is one of the notes I don't care for, but I do enjoy Dior Homme Cologne 2013 which also has white musk. Don't bother with this and stick to Allure Homme Sport EdT or something along the lines of Dior's Eau Sauvage.
06th March, 2015

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