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Set Sail St. Barts for Men (2007)
by Tommy Bahama


Set Sail St. Barts for Men information

Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTommy Bahama
Parent CompanyGemini Cosmetics

About Set Sail St. Barts for Men

Set Sail St. Barts for Men is a masculine fragrance by Tommy Bahama. The scent was launched in 2007

Set Sail St. Barts for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Set Sail St. Barts for Men

Fresh, dry breeze over
Clear blue waters under the
Caribbean sun.
26th April, 2018
I get a lot of sea notes, saltwater, tequila, and an extremely prominent lime. This fragrance is firmly masculine and not sweet at all in the opening but rather ozonic and tropical. On drydown it gets even greener but I'm happy to say retains the same ozonic lime with tequila and seawater scent. It's one of the best things I've smelled in my life and is downright intoxicating. The lime, tequila, salwater, and ozonic notes all smell very natural and not synthetic at all. When it further dries down I get strong notes of guava with what I'm guessing is "blue agave tequila" and it becomes sweeter overall (but not in a cloying way) while the lime is pretty much gone; I think I can also detect palm leaves. The guava is very realistic. I drank some guava juice prior to wearing this and it smells exactly the same. Some people get coconut but it's not a listed note for the fragrance, and I don't really smell any coconut at all. The drydown smells kind of similar to the Old Spice deoderant "Fiji" (my absolute favourite deoderant). Basenotes are of an attractive vanilla and white musk. I normally don't like vanilla in fragrances but I actually enjoyed this since a faint tequila or citrus type note remains persistant even during the vanilla-musk phase. The fragrance goes from ozonic and sea-water heavy in the beginning to a fresh, sweet vanilla by the end; it progresses from ozonic to sweeter as it goes on - with the corresponding notes going from lime to guava (sweeter) and finally vanilla and white musk (sweetest). It's like being on the beach and feeling salt spray your face while having lime and tequila nearby, then drinking guava juice straight from the fruit while resting beside palm trees, and finally drinking some sort of citrus-vanilla drink with coconut. Some sort of citrus lingers throughout the entire duration of the fragrance all the way to the basenotes; it's not lime but maybe bergamot. Sillage is surprisingly good for an eau de cologne, and longevity is pretty fantastic as well on my skin, running at over 6 hours - although the majority of the duration it is a sweet scent rather than the ozonic opening. I will say that less is more with this fragrance, even though it's an eau de cologne - too much could make it too sweet. Overall, I absolutely love this fragrance. Not to mention the bottle is nautical and wonderful with its ships' rope on the cap!
04th March, 2018 (last edited: 06th March, 2018)
Like others have said big lime up front that is short lived. This is a great summer frag. For what it is (a cheapie) I think people have discredited the dry down. It is wonderfully salty and refreshing. Imagine snorkeling at your favorite caribbean resort, and then relaxing under the sun in a lounger. The sea water that has dried on your skin + the suntan lotion= St. Barts. Yeah thats it in a nutshell. For us landlocked people (colroado) that love the caribbean and look forward to that once a year vacay, this scent does it for us. Too bad it's not an Eau de toilette as projection and longevity are short lived. I'm going to have to try Creed VIW.
05th February, 2017
I wanted a coconut-centered cologne, and while this and Sean John Unforgiveable Black are drastically different, this one is definitely the preferred choice. Mixes superbly with lime, with a bit of a candy smell to it at the top and middle. There’s also a slight chemical smell in the background when first sprayed which I’m not a fan of; the same smell which skulks in the shadows of Bvlgari Man…thankfully it disappears towards the middle.

Medium longevity, but it’s a light cologne and not expected to stay the course of the day. Strictly for the summer. Gives the impression of a Caribbean beach - a little vacation in a bottle. I like it.
06th November, 2016
Terrific Nautical!

Too bad I live nowhere near the ocean.
17th August, 2016
Picture sitting down and drinking Margarita's by the ocean and dangling your feet off the breakwater(jetty) while watching the sun set as the breeze tickles the hairs on the back of your neck. That is this fragrances in a nutshell. Great summer Fragrance
22nd July, 2016

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