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Cleopatra (2007)
by Tocca


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a feminine perfume by Tocca. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of Cleopatra

Tried again, still disappointed. The top notes held promise, but almost immediately shrank to a skin scent on me.

Don't get me wrong, it is pretty and feminine. Just too soft for me and I hoped for more spice.

After two hours, I can only smell it (with effort) on my wrist. Not even on my shirt...

Too bad.
28th September, 2016 (last edited: 05th October, 2016)
Kotori Show all reviews
United States
This is a tuberose patchouli bomb that belongs in the 1980's and gave me an instant headache. Blessedly, it did scrub off.
15th August, 2015
This fragrance is almost an identical twin to Narciso Rodriguez For Her--the primary difference to me is that the NR has a more floral jasmine component and Cleopatra has a citrusy grapefruit opening (I don't get much citrus from NR) and a stronger musk basenote. I also think that Cleopatra is slightly bolder with better sillage than the Narciso (although neither is particularly strong). But they are very similar so if you like Narciso Rodriguez For Her you will probably like Tocca Cleopatra.

I came across this perfume while searching for something "natural" smelling. Okay, really, it's because I live in the southeastern US, known for its extremely hot and extremely muggy summers, and I wanted something that I could wear on a daily basis that would smell nice while I was hot and/or sweaty, and that would bend with my natural chemistry to not be off-putting. I absolutely cannot wear traditional "florals" in the heat because they inevitably combine with my sweat to create this gross cut-grass smell.

I came across the Tocca line at Anthropologie (I had previously never heard of it) and was immediately intrigued by the beautiful bottles. To be 100% honest, I didn't like Cleopatra at first, especially inside the store. But based on the description, it sounded like what I was looking for so I gave it a try. It didn't really stand out to me until I stepped outside into the humid heat to go back to my car and then all of a sudden it hit me. A beautiful aroma of jasmine blended perfectly with the hint of patchouli and slightly sweaty musk. "This is it!" I thought to myself.

I was pretty excited to find something that matched my skin chemistry so well, but I did get a sample to test a few more times to make sure. I wore it to a few outdoor events (festivals, volleyball, cookouts) and still loved it so I bought a bottle (a .68 oz EDP so I could take it on my honeymoon to Southeast Asia).

I traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia for my honeymoon in the dead of summer (July). At 97 degrees (36-37 C) and almost 100% humidity every day, this scent was absolutely perfect. Something about the humidity really brings this fragrance to life--it's a very subtle but exceedingly pleasant jasmine heart that plays well with the sweaty musk and your own natural fragrance and sweat. In Cambodia, my hotel gifted me a fresh wreath of jasmine flowers upon arrival. It was gloriously fragrant and I compared it to the Cleopatra I was wearing and it was a perfect match.

I know I'm focusing a lot on the outdoor/sweat aspect of this fragrance, but how does it do indoors? I find it just as pleasant and beautiful inside in the AC, although it takes on more of a delicate persona. It remains subtle and elegant enough for the office, but has a sexy allure for a date night or a night out on the town. My husband loves it and I've gotten compliments from my female friends as well.

To sum up, this is my go-to fragrance for summer because it blends well with my skin's chemistry and reminds me of beautiful, faraway lands. It excels in humid environments, which really open up and unleash the fragrance in all its glory. It's definitely not for everyone, but don't pass up the opportunity to at least try it!

30th July, 2015
My first encounter with Tocca CLEOPATRA (from a cute 7ml mini of which 5ml remain...) was fairly positive, and I ended up acquiring another small (15ml) bottle as a result. The bottles are so adorable that I don't really mind that they'll probably never run dry. What has happened since my initial testing is that I have come to regard this fragrance as a close olfactory neighbor to NARCISO RODRIGUEZ for her and Sarah Jessica Parker LOVELY, in addition to D&G Anthology LA ROUE DE LA FORTUNE.

The key connection to my nose: slightly sweaty musk combined with a fairly hefty dose of patchouli. The musk in this composition lies just over the clean/sweaty line. I love clean musk compositions, in general, but this one is situated about a nanometer over the too sweaty line for me. Although it's not impossible for me to wear this perfume, and in certain moods, particularly on very humid days, I even sort of like it, after several wearings it has become abundantly clear that these small bottles will in all likelihood suffice for this lifetime.

I'm fairly sure that anyone who likes NR for her and LOVELY would like this perfume as well. CLEOPATRA is much more about musk and patchouli than anything else, so anyone who loves those two notes may well welcome this creation with flaring nostrils. On the other hand, anyone who eschews those notes will not be happy with this perfume. On my skin, this edp projects quite a lot and has excellent longevity. I guess that this means that I number among those lucky sniffers who are not anosmic to musk--at least not the one(s) featured here!
20th September, 2011
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Unfortunately, Cleopatra is one of those scents that smells great on a smelling strip or when you sniff the atomizer nozzle, but dies a quick death on skin. On paper, it smells like a dreamy, silky rose and patchouli scent, an accord I love. However, on skin, it smells dull and uninspired. The silkiness is gone, and the notes smell almost like they're repelling one another. The various notes smell like they are poorly blended, and Cleaopatra ends up smelling like another boring heady floral thrown together with some patchouli by some amateur hack. It reminds me of a lot of the fragrances made by Fresh.

Not a terrible scent by any means, but not an inspired one either.

25th May, 2011
Susy Show all reviews
United States
I wish I could write more positively about 'Cleopatra'. There's nothing wrong with its scent - it's certainly not harsh; in-your-face, or chokingly strong... but on the other hand, it's so very soft, so unassertive, it gets lost on the skin. I love Cleopatra's gentle rosy glow - for about six minutes. That's about how long the bouquet lasts. Very disappointing.

25th January, 2010

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