Perfect Night (2007)
    by Bella Bellissima

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    Perfect Night Fragrance Notes

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    Perfect Night is a women's fragrance by Bella Bellissima. The scent was launched in 2007

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is an astonishingly good scent and very mistakenly marketed towards women.

    Quite simply put I have rarely smelled an iris based fragrance this good.

    There is an animalic "dirty" feel to this fragrance that suggests sex, pure and simple.

    That note comes from, according to Bella herself, from dried iris root which apparently is hung to mature.

    The result is a heady, baudy but intoxicating fragrance that is really a revelation.

    Men can definitely wear this, and, from my own experience, women love it on the male skin.

    One of the best new fragrances I have smelled in maybe ten years.

    25th August, 2011

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    United States United States

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    “Perfect Night” clicks into a two-tier scent structure: a lovely but ethereal, almost retreating floral poof over the heat radiating from the fur of a wild, panting animal. The musk-and-incense base of PN is so smoky hot, it smells like the spent phosphorous and pine char of a freshly extinguished wooden match. It is a terrific smell, every bit as naughty as promised.

    My problem with PN is that pretty-princess top note—when I first smelled it, the image that popped into my mind was the little pink rose lingerie designers put on cheesy garters. Nuts to that! When I want naughty, I want naughty.

    There’s a primal “wow” in this scent, but over the top of it is too “pretty to please.”

    10th November, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I agree with Ostranha. This is an aggressively sexual scent. I only wear it at home when my man is coming over! If the civet note in Jicky offends you, don't even sample this one. It reminds me of the the skit on Saturday Night Live when the little Catholic girl would stick her fingertips under her underarms and them sniff the scent of nervous sweat! I'm a civet fan, so I appreciate Perfect Night, but this is not for public consumption!!

    20th October, 2009

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    Sweden Sweden

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    Wooooh...! I was quite chocked I must say. I had received a sample of Perfect night the same day, and was going out to meet a female friend in the evening. I sprayed it on just before I was leaving and...shit, realised quickly that there was no chance in hell I could wear this meeting my friend. Just impossible. I would have to rub it off. At first smell a rather mystical and nice oriental perfume hit me, but it didnt take more than a few seconds before an almost obvious smell of sweat and...yes... female secretions blinked to me with a dirty smile from beneath the oriental. I was fascinated. But still... I didnt want my friend to feel the smell of my supposed dirty activities when I gave her a hug. The more I smelled myself the more I could feel the sweat; almost a male type of sweat, and the distinct smell of a woman. Washed it off. But couldnt wait for a chance to wear it for real.

    After trying Perfect night some more times the "dirty" notes doesn't reach through quite as strongly to me anymore. I can sense them, but they tend to blend in better with the rest and disguise themselfes. I still don't really trust this perfume though, and I guess it should not be trusted. I remember my first reaction to it and I think I would not wear it for anything else than something with a seduction involved. Or I wear it for myself at home. It gives me a feeling of an erotic encounter between a beautiful sensual, sweaty arabian couple in a courtyard full of incense and precious woods and flowers, and I LOVE it!

    04th July, 2009

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