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Fleurs de Sel (2007)
by Miller Harris


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMiller Harris
PerfumerLyn Harris

About Fleurs de Sel

Fleurs de Sel is a shared / unisex perfume by Miller Harris. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Lyn Harris

Fleurs de Sel fragrance notes

Reviews of Fleurs de Sel

I opened a sample vial of Fleurs de Sel expecting a rosy bouquet of fresh triteness to greet my nose and was summarily knocked on my bottom. The floral notes in this composition are utterly subjugated by clove and leather in a way that instantly brought to mind the Marquis de Sade fragrance, and the texture and scent combined made me feel that FdS may very well have been inspired by aftershaves from the 60's. Yes, clove writ large, with its buddies leather and moss, the latter giving off that tiny suggestion of wintergreen, dominate this fragrance, while the flowers are lovely echoes in the back end of a dark cave.
I have now reviewed two Miller Harris creations tonight (and my first two at that) and I must say my interest is piqued.
19th February, 2016
This begins on me as orris, soon supported by clove, and it stops right there.

None of the other ingredients in the note tree come to my nose. The clove is done sparingly, so I do get the dryness. Sadly, nothing else develops but these two notes.

It's a pleasant scent, but very simply constructed, and therefore without much interest on my part. I'm reminded of the spice notes in both Bel Ami and Equipage, but this is a mere skeleton, almost a starting point for scents such as those mentioned.

Not a winner.

25th January, 2016
Um, really? Lots of salt and dry herbs, a pinch of oregano, and not much more. This is essentially Acqua di Gio with the vague artificial melon replaced by vague artificial wood. It smells mostly of unadorned calone. Not a bad smell but there's not much here to love, either.
09th December, 2015
This opens as a dry, sharply aromatic, antiseptic-smelling vetiver, & the "grass-topped sand dune" vibe suggests the presence of immortelle, although I don't actually smell it here. After an hour the vetiver fades, making way for a softer accord of salty florals. This accord reminds me a little of Lys Mediterranee, or perhaps Donna Karan Gold, without the amber. It lacks the quality or intensity of either of these however, & it fades to nothing in only three hours.
I'm not a lover of prominent vetiver notes, but that's not my only reason for giving this one a negative rating. There's the lack of projection, longevity or any kind of base. And it just doesn't seem very well-blended; it's like two different perfumes layered on top of one another, neither of which impress me.
07th July, 2015
This convincing salt and salty composition of 2007 develops into a pepper and salt floral with a green lactonic character built around clary sage and the natural exaltolide found in angelica; very unusual, and if you strip out the base accord not a million miles from the current musk based minimalism of Lutens & Sheldrake.

Salt is also found - in a rather tentative form in Rock Samphire and Driftwood (2011) by Icon Partnership for the UK National Trust, and there is also the Jo Malone release Wood Sage & Seasalt (2014), but this Lyn Harris work is the most resolute and just about as far removed from the mainstream as you can get from a department store.

Fleurs de Sel puts me in mind of a piece of abstract jewellery; striking, provocative and best worn on black for maximum effect.
09th May, 2015
The Fleurs de Sel's initial floral-green-salty sharpness is immediately an olfactory flashback (a deja vu) conjuring me more than vaguely the classic and unfortunately "set apart" Nino Cerruti By Nino Cerruti (an unmatched classic of perfumery full of class, melancholic floral-ambery warmth and romanticism). I'm in a while smitten by a game of intense floral sharpness (probably geranium, orris root and lily of the valley unfold their rooty-lymphatic intensity) and warm ambery muskiness with a touch of swirling ghostly suede. I suppose that probably a well calibrated fir resins implementation has been afforded providing that typical intense dark-green mossiness around. I catch the aromatic patterns (a starring rosemary and thyme in particular) and a stout rootiness provided by patchouli (may be fern) and vetiver. The aroma on its complex is really musky, floral, earthy, astringent, vaguely smokey and with a touch of saltiness (counteracting the floral mildness) provided by the encounter of rosemary, leather, vetiver and (possibly) subtle ozonic molecules. Finally the leather emerges but is always subtle, mossy and floral-salty, never disconnected by a reigning grassy-floral (salty) vegetal aura. Absolutely classy and poetic I recommend this Miller Harris languid juice for a spring time romantic night date.
23rd January, 2015 (last edited: 24th January, 2015)

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