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English Leather Black (2007)
by Dana


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPatriarch Partners > Dana Classics
Parent Company at launchDana Classics

About English Leather Black

English Leather Black is a masculine fragrance by Dana. The scent was launched in 2007

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Reviews of English Leather Black

Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Enough already! It is time to put a moratorium on "Black"-monikered fragrances. Since Bulgari's edition, the designer offerings boasting a "Black" name have been risibly unblack. English Leather manages to outpathetic Jovan's Black Musk and Stetson Black in the "Bubble Yum and musk" sweepstakes. It is both a positive and negative thing that this has dismal longevity: good in that it is not worth smelling anyway and bad in that there is truly nothing to recommend this waste of money. There are a few niche extremists who take eye-blink longevity as a sign of quality. Here's a cheapie for those people. This was at Sears in the $6 clearance bin - fully understandable after smelling it.
09th April, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
The reviews below are correct: the fruity top notes are appealing, promising a nice fruity wood scent. However, after about a half hour, those nice top notes disappear to uncover a flaccid, characterless "scent" that I can only describe as the smell of your skin after you just showered with a shower gel and rinsed it off. Basically it's the smell of the memory of soap, if that makes any sense. This fragrance's existence makes no sense, so I suppose that's an appropriate description.

30th December, 2011
I actually like English Black's top note which is Bergamot--whatever that is! It smells manly on me for about 15 minutes and then fades away into nothingness.

Is this even a fragrance or did they just stick some water in a black box and stick a black wooden handle on it?

2/5 stars overall 1/5 longevity.
18th January, 2011
An enjoyably decent scent with laughable longevity, ELB is best used as an added layer for another fragrance because it seems incomplete. The coriander/bergamot combo and some plummy vibe herein makes me think of a tamed and broken Michael Kors for Men clone missing half the ingredients. Not bad, but not entirely ready for the vast and scary world of competitive fragrance sales. Back to the lab with you, Dana Frankenstein; this monster needs new legs.
04th January, 2011
I wasn't sure about this one, and I'm still not. It's one of those scents that's so all over the map you can't quite make up your mind about it. I like the topnotes. The initial phase reminds me of Coca-Cola. I'm not sure what that means or if it's good or bad...but it's not unpleasant. It passes through the mid-notes pretty quickly so there's really no time to figure out what they are. It drys down to a sort of embery smell, like charred wood. There's nothing amazing here...but it is intriguing. I keep sniffing trying to figure it out. Not the best thing ever invented...but not one of the worst. This would probably lend itself to layering; especially a more citrusy juice, like Clinique Happy.
27th September, 2009

English Leather Black does smell cheap at the first sniff, but it quickly starts developing into something better: the bergamot of the top and middle’s coriander combine to form a unique accord: It’s a rich-ish texture accord incorporating some of the warmer notes – lavender and possibly cardamom (I would say). The opening quickly moves to the middle accord which reminds me a bit of fragrances like DK Leaded and Unleaded or Cacharel’s Nemo. I find the middle level very enjoyable but it doesn’t have a very solid sillage, nor does it last anywhere near long enough. The base is satisfactorily woody – I don’t get any sweet from the fragrance and the musk of the base doesn’t come across very clearly, but I enjoy the drydown except that it just doesn’t last long enough.

English Leather Black is an interesting and somewhat successful attempt at a black version of the drugstore classic. It would have been successful had it any real longevity.

07th August, 2009

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