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Sushi Imperiale (2005)
by Bois 1920


Sushi Imperiale information

Year of Launch2005
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseBois 1920
PerfumerEnzo Galardi
Parent CompanySireta

About Sushi Imperiale

Sushi Imperiale is a shared / unisex perfume by Bois 1920. The scent was launched in 2005 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Enzo Galardi

Sushi Imperiale fragrance notes

Reviews of Sushi Imperiale

The opening of Sushi Imperiale is one of the strongest “déja vu” I’ve experienced so far with fragrances, and sadly, it isn’t really a flattering one for this Bois 1920 scent. In fact it smells basically halfway Opium pour Homme and a bunch of cheap nutmeg-spicy Oriental designers, like Lagerfeld for Man from 2004. But most of all, it’s very, very close to Opium pour Homme, and I’m surprised nearly none noticed this. Unless my sample has been altered, it’s a blatant ripoff of that. For the worse, actually, as it’s actually a bit more mediocre than the YSL’s – flatter, more static, and just cheaper overall. Nothing horrible, but surely nothing special either. Basically Sushi Imperiale (why this name, by the way?) is a gentle, inoffensive, a bit simplistic citrus-spicy fragrance with a nice sort of sweet anisic-fruity “transparent” texture mostly built on cinnamon, anise and nutmeg, running throughout the main spicy woodiness which makes the bone structure of the scent: but it’s basically nothing more than a mediocre designer, quality-wise and, well, everything-wise. I smell nothing creative or particularly “quality” here, just a tame, fairly flat and very averagely decent fresh spicy scent which would have gone completely unnoticed if we were in the mid or late-1990s. But we’re in the era of below-zero creativity and “revivals” everywhere, so... *sighs*.

28th December, 2015
Sushi Imperiale is another fall fragrance that I love. Anise, nutmeg and cinnamon at the beginning give it warmth. I smell some vanilla in there as well. Then in the dry down comes wood and some citrus to balance it out. Lasts a long time on me.
04th November, 2015
Christmas in a bottle. 7.5/10
30th August, 2015 (last edited: 19th November, 2015)
quite excellent

BOIS 1920 offers fragrances that are excellent and potent but a bit old fashioned. I have tried RR, VdV and SI and from the three I find Sushi Imperial the most wearable one. As the other BOIS 1920 Sushi Imperial too has outstanding silage and longevity. But it also has a somewhat modern feeling to it, that makes it more agreeable. SI is however not an outstanding composition ... to me too it is somehow familiar. I think that it reminds me of Le Péché by Eisenberg which I remembered I liked. I don't understand the name Sushi Imperial but then neither do I understand Vento nel Vento! By the way, Sushi Imperial seems not to be in production, or at least BOIS 1920 doesn't list it anymore in their website.

Pros: outstanding silage and longevity
Cons: not so original composition"

03rd September, 2013
Warm, inviting, slightly boozy, fruity, spicy.....just some of the reasons that as soon as the weather gets colder, out comes my Sushi.
21st June, 2012
I'm honestly getting tired of companies pretending we buy old fragrances with new names. Sushi Impreiale smells nice but it smells just like tones of spicy orientals of the last couple of decades. Opium Pour Homme anyone?
29th April, 2012

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