Real Patchouly (2005)
    by Bois 1920

    • Launched: 2005
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Enzo Galardi
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Real Patchouly Fragrance notes

    Texas citron, Indian sandalwood, Vanilla, Amber

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    I can see why everyone likes this so much. It's a nice patchouli given subtle depth by a chypre arrangement and sweetened into a purple sort of smell by some kind of fruity resin. Then, a strong sawdusty sandalwood note comes in and fuses with both the chypre ingredients and the patchouli to give an old-school woody quality that's quite addictive. In the base, a surprising vanilla comes in, which melds with the resins and woods to create a smoky mossy amber smell that's also quite nice.

    Unfortunately, I've got a problem. That sweet resin and the sandalwood that both support the patchouli so well don't really work well together - on me, they combine to create a sweet fish food/hamster cage pet store smell that I usually associate with low-grade natural perfumes. Try as I could to appreciate Real Patchouli despite the pet store smell, I just couldn't get over it, so I found it to be a great perfume ruined by a small but unforgivable misstep. Oh well, more for everyone else...

    08 January, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Just received my bottle in the mail...and at first I spray, I thought, maybe I should send this back. After a small sprits on my wrist, I went to bed thinking I'll revisit this in the morning. Well, I am glad I didn't give up; I took a shower and sprayed some on and went off to a meeting and MAN O'Man was I impressed!!!! This fragrance has to be giving some time on you, this was a blind buy and I am glad I did!! If you like Sushi Imperiale you will like this!! This fragrance gives you that Christmas in a bottle very different than Sushi Imperiale. Give this a minute to dry down before giving up. Unlike Sushi Imperiale, this is not as pungent as SI. This fragrance is a bit more reserved as it dries. I recommend buying a sample first and wearing it to decide whether or not you like it. I can sometime act on impulse rather than with logic; you may not be that kind of a person, if so, again try before buying.

    30th November, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Patchouli. Heaven.

    If I hadn't already smelled Montale's Patchouli Leaves, I would say this is the best scent ever created. Having now tried both, I would say it's a tie for first and that there really needs to be room behind Heaven's Gate for the both of them.

    They're strikingly similar scents, so deep, so rich, so beautifully and shamelessly linear with their mesmerizing patchoulis. If I'm looking for distinction, it would be that this one evidences a touch more amber underneath but doesn't have quite the sillage of the Montale. If you like patchouli, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this one or the Montale. Highly recommended.

    27 February, 2011 (Last Edited: 14 April, 2011)

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    Germany Germany

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    I have often found Bois 1920 fragrances to be more style than substance, but Real Patchouly certainly bucks the trend. A briefly extroverted opening phase, allows citric, herbal and wood elements to entertain unfettered.The emergent sandalwood note imbues the fragrance with warmth, richness and quality.The patchouli seam is discernable from an early stage, but it is appropriately restrained, as if satisfied that its name is top of the bill.

    There are no great strides forward beyond the heart notes, but it does lose a touch of its sweetness, and gains a mild grainy quality. Overall, there are no great surprises, but a simple concept seems to have been nicely polished. The result is a fragrance of high quality.

    16 December, 2009

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    This is spectacular stuff. Somerville Metro Man's review describes my experience with it perfectly. The opening is strong, sweet patchouli, tempered with a bit of citrus and what I'd call a slightly nutty note. As the patchouli note itself becomes a bit more woody in nature, a vanilla note creeps in to provide some sweetened smoothness, keeping the accord from becoming too abrasive. The final version of the patchouli is my favorite: the note becomes a little more bitter and aromatic - a soft, dry patchouli backed by a subtle dose of powdery amber. The entire evolution is pure heaven; this is the most approachable, wearable patchouli fragrance I've ever tried.

    09 October, 2009

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    Somerville Metro Man
    United States United States

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    Bois 1920 Real Patchouly

    Patchouli is one of those notes that is difficult to work with, I think. It is easy to use it and come off smelling like every head shop in existence. It is a more difficult trick to get past that association and through a combination of other notes bring out a different facet to patchouli. In Real Patchouly, Enzo Galardi does this in a very slow moving and delightful way. This is a symphony of patchouli in three movements. From the top the head shop smell of patchouli is present along with a tart lemon which keeps it familiar and maybe even commonplace or boring. This is a patchouli you've seen before, many times. Then the second movement begins and while the patchouli is still the dominant figure vanilla matches it and now accentuates the sweeter aspects of patchouli; muting but not obliterating the more herbal essence one usually associates with patchouli. After an extended second movement we move into the final movement and this comes on very slowly as you notice the herbal character of the patchouli beginning to make a return but now it has brough a partner with it, amber. The effect of the amber is to bring those herbal notes to the foreground while muting the sweeter aspects thus flipping the experience of the whole from an hour or so ago. Real Patchouly is a very slowly evolving scent as it took almost two hours for all of this to happen. This is no fast-food scent here. This scent shows what a perfumer can do with one predominant note that lasts throughout but by pairing it with the right dance partners create lovely olfactory synergies that allow you to really appreciate the central note.

    28 February, 2009

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