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Antonio (2006)
by Antonio Banderas


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Year of Launch2006
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAntonio Banderas
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Antonio

Antonio is a masculine fragrance by Antonio Banderas. The scent was launched in 2006

Reviews of Antonio

It is a pity it is out of production. For my skin it was perfect from the early morning (sweet and fresh) till the afterglow (soft and classic). People always asked me what scent I was wearing that was so clean and soft and chic.
It seems I have a gifted nose to find all fragrances that will discontinuate: Metropolis (by Estée Lauder), Antonio, Ted (by Lapidus), Façonnable, Francesco Smalto, Halston 1-12... just to name a few.
23rd July, 2015
There are not many reviews of this interesting fragrance but what I read in those that they are all diifferent (mainly on Fragrantica)!

Anise?!, Honey, no honey, leather, smokey, very masculine, unisex, patchouli, no patchouli, woody, soapy, cinnamon, no cinnamon etc. Fun to read them all!

What I get is an original, dry, woody, slightly spiced but pretty good masculine smell which exists mainly out of woody notes surrounded by a light citrus, some fir, cinnamon (but very little) and some amber in the drydown. I do not smell patchouli, honey, leather, soap or whatsoever. After the fresh opening of 10 mins the fragrance is pretty linear and inoffensive.
Good for casual and office! Sillage is average and longevity above average (almost 8 hrs!).
Not bad and one of the best Antonio Banderas has to offer for men of the age between 25-50 years old. Not bad at all as this fragrance is very inexpensive! I would not buy this again when my 100ml is empty but enjoy it while it's there! Rating: 7/10
01st September, 2012
A nutty woody scent. Opens very nutty then dries down to woods. Smells very dry to me. It's OK - but wouldn't replace when I've finished this one.
26th February, 2012
The first spray was very promising as I was not expecting much out of it. But once it settled down it was nothing more than a sythetic scented soap. I sprayed thrice on my chest and I said wow! but after few minutes it turned into a very annoying soapy dry down and almost choked me. Longevity is good as I can still smell it on my skin after 8 hours. Thank God I bought just a 30 ml bottle..!!
12th August, 2011
I would not be as enthusiastic as Shamu1, but I would not trash this fragrance either. As s celebuscent, is better than most and it is actually very pleasant to wear, a little in the feminine side, but still masculine enough, if it was up to me, I would have launched this scent as unisex.
I can't figure out the notes, which to me is a mark of a well cnstructed and balanced perfume, but the fir is clearly the dominant note. No a single floral note is detected by my nose, but it is sweet nevertheles, possible due to musk.
I do like, but not love, and gets my, no so enthusiastic, thumbs up
03rd August, 2011
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United States
Uniqueness is not a quality you normally think of when you're talking about celebrity or drugstore fragrances. That being said, Antonio deserves a thumbs up simply for the fact that it is unique.

I can't find a note pyramid anywhere for this, but it smells like an anisic, woody leather fragrance. Anise, wood and leather - it's a weird accord, but that's what makes this fragrance so interesting. I'll agree with TheCologneist that Antonio, at first, can smell rather feminine, sort of like lipstick or women's makeup. However, that's if you smell it up close, with your nose pressed against your skin.

Wearing this is a totally different story. When you catch whiffs of this while wearing it, Antonio smells dark, smoky, very leathery, and very masculine. The wood note smells like teak, due to its darkness, and I detect some vetiver in the base that adds some welcome but subtle bitterness to the scent.

You really need to smell this yourself, because it's quite unique and thus not easy to describe. The only fragrance I can smell any similarities to would be Canali Man, because Antonio's drydown captures the dry, woody, leathery feel that Canali Man has.

If you're looking for something at once different, masculine smelling and inexpensive, you can't go wrong with Antonio by Antonio Banderas.


05th January, 2011 (last edited: 06th January, 2011)

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