Omnia Amethyste (2007)
    by Bulgari

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    65ml EdT
    65ml EdT
    65ml EdT

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    From Sephora:

    Bvlgari presents a new floral fragrance inspired by the precious iridescence of the amethyst: The essence of Omnia Amethyste is as precious and delicate as the scent of iris and rose gardens caressed with the morning dew. Elegant and refined, Omnia Amethyste is dedicated to the young woman who expresses herself through an enveloping, yet fresh fragrance. Her graceful personality reflects the combination of pure and authentic notes while the amethyst, symbol of balance, evokes her noble spirit full of grace and harmony. Her strong femininity reveals itself through her discreet sensuality.

    Green Sap, Pink Grapefruit, Iris Flower, Bulgarian Rosebud, Heliotrope, Solar Wood.

    Graceful. Elegant. Fresh.

    07 October, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Omnia Amethyste is a delicate, pretty 'purple' floral. Nothing to rave home about, but pleasant nonetheless.

    This fragrance is a powdery and clean take on iris and rose. Not very complex, but I don't think it needs to be. I believe that Omnia Amethyste would make a lovely gift for young girls just starting out in the world of fragrance. It's basic and inoffensive, perfect for those women who seek a somewhat shy scent.

    Reacting on my skin like a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers, Omnia Amethyste, along with it's incredibly appealing bottle, makes me feel like a sweet, innocent Princess from a far-away land. I probably wouldn't want to feel like this everyday, however when worn every now and then, it awakens the girly side in me.

    The lasting power isn't very impressive, however I'm not bothered by it in this case. Although very one-dimensional in its composition, Omnia Amethyste is successful in all its simplicity.

    Polite yet luxurious, Omnia Amethyste is exquisite, something that I can imagine people noticing and wanting after smelling it on you. Its airiness is quite possibly its most likable quality.

    22 March, 2012

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    It is soft, smooth, beautiful, and elegant. Every time I smell it, a childhood memory flows through me of walking around my backyard in the spring. As the sun is shining on my skin making it warm, I enhale the smell of the 6 lilac bushes in full bloom. When I wear this Omnia Amethyste, it's as if I feel the sun shine on my skin while holding a bundle of lilacs and greens in my hand. I absolutely love scents that create such vivid images. This is #1 on my wish list!!!

    16 June, 2011

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    South Korea South Korea

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    I like this fragrance for its coherence--it is, as Gblue said, "hard to break apart." It definitely has more personality than its sister fragrance, Omnia Crystalline--where OC is a bit clean and faceless, OA is softer, kinder, more floral. (Haven't sampled Jade, though, so I couldn't name the best among the three.) I smell this everywhere I go here in Seoul, and a bit of internet research reveals that it's a flanker designed specifically to cater to the tastes of the East Asian market. I love the opening of this--the pepper is wonderful, and I get the faintest reminder of the smell of a sassafras basket that was in my childhood home. The drydown is lovely and woody. The overall feeling of this fragrance is clean, soft, and warm. Too bad it doesn't have better projection or longevity!

    19 May, 2011

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    Wonderful and intricate. Mysterious and altogether a beautiful scent. Love it.

    07 December, 2010

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    This is one of my faves!! The wood is so warm and cosy :)

    08 November, 2009

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