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Jimmy Choo (2011)
by Jimmy Choo


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Year of Launch2011
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJimmy Choo
PerfumerOlivier Polge

About Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a feminine perfume by Jimmy Choo. The scent was launched in 2011 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Polge

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Reviews of Jimmy Choo

I find this to be similar to (and superior to) Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf. It's less cloying and sickly sweet than FB, but I think this is a classic case of "pick your poison." I prefer fruity-gourmand notes to sugary-gourmand notes by a mile, so I'm not automatically turned off by fruitchoulis. Jimmy Choo is a perfectly acceptable fruitchouli with a juicy pear opening that melds nicely with the not-too-sweet toffee/patchouli base. I wouldn't buy a full bottle, but I'll definitely use up my entire sample (which is more than I can say for my 3ml sample of FB).
14th July, 2018
Thatís fresh and sweet in the same time. Quite fashionable and not offensive. Good enough!
22nd December, 2017
First off, any new company that is so afraid of what it puts into its scents that it needs to hide this information under such transaparent names as "Green Notes" is from the outset not to be taken seriously.

Now we move to Tiger Orchid, which has no scent of its own, so we can throw that note tree addition away.

Toffee and Patchouli - now that sounds interesting. However, I don't detect either of these notes.

This is entirely made in the chemical lab - slightly sweet, totally mediocre- and to be avoided. Jimmy Choo should pay the public back for any one foolish enough to spend money on this initial product.

12th August, 2017
Careful girls, this I sickly sweet, too much for me to handle. It passed my sweetness threshold. I can't wear it on my neck, it's just too cloying and on a weak day it may make me throw up.
15th January, 2017
Circa 2016: Most department store fragrances are so "meh" nowadays that Jimmy Choo was the best one of late, and the only one that I liked on my recent foray. Ain't that sad? I'm a patch head, so I like Coco Mademoiselle and Angel, if that's any reference point. Jimmy Choo is fruity patchouli with creamy toffee. It is predominantly patchouli with a large dose of fruit not immediately recognizable (apple? pear? raspberry?) and a smooth, milky, sweet toffee. It shares the Angel DNA, but it's not as good. Perhaps it's most unique trait is a strong "fizzy" texture, which is probably achieved by some powerful aroma chemical that provides lift, loft, and pizzaz. Whatever it is, it gives this fragrance the type of ballistics that the pink chypre Narciso Rodriguez had -- that angular, woody sillage that enters the air around you. The effect is more incongruous with Jimmy Choo, though. It doesn't blend as well as it should. Angel is much better in its smoothness. I seem to remember that I liked Prada more. Ah well. Like I said, there's precious little new to love in the decade of the 2010s in department stores. At least this was interesting. I almost gave it a four because of my love for patchouli, but I quickly grow tired of the fizziness.
25th September, 2016
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United States
Egad, this is possibly the least subtle, most in-your-face fragrance I have smelled in a while; it's on the level of that 1980s Giorgio scent in terms of nuance. Nothing is inherently wrong with strong; it's all in how the notes are blended. Unfortunately, in this case, it smells like someone took the patchouli-and-spun-sugar base of Angel, threw overripe fruit on it, and then sprinkled this concoction with a smidgen of metal filings. I do like the base, but not the rest. And somehow, the patchouli and (alleged) toffee give it a suspiciously unwashed and skanky quality, which could be interesting in another blend, but fails to work with those bright fruitylicious notes. I can see how this could appeal in its brassy sweetness, and the base is nice, but as a composition, this perfume is harsh and unrelenting, and just...too much.
23rd April, 2016

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