Gucci by Gucci (2007)
    by Gucci

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    Sweden Sweden

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    warm, deep & sugary. To me not to different from ´Boudoir`by Vivienne, just sweeter & more "friendly"

    04 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Hmmm... It's a weird sort of fake grape smell at first, like grape bubblegum or grape-flavored Laffy Taffy or that gross oversweetened "grape drink". This note is incredibly overused in men's aquatics, but I think this is the first time I've smelled it as the foundation for a woman's candy fruity floral. They mix this fake sweet grape with a subtle soapy smell and that's about it. Given hours, it ended up as a sweet vanilla patchouli amber sort of smell, but weak and kind of dull.

    As a lover of perfume, scents like this make me sad. In an art form where there's so much to work with and so many interesting ideas to express, I find it depressing when someone just mixes together a few overused "popular" elements and comes up with something completely uninspired. There's no drama here, just manufactured familiarity. It smells "good", but not artful. It's not bad, just unnecessary.

    02 November, 2012

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    Italy Italy

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    I've smelt it either exhaling from a feminine skin and from the masculine skin (on my wrist and exhaling from a friend of mine that wears it using to steal sometimes some spray at his girlfriend). I can say it works better on the masculine side. It's on the same vein of Daisy Marc Jacobs (better blended and less synthetic and vanillic in my opinion) and smells as a floral fresh musk with a patchouli backbone and a touch of final amber or vanilla. Some tropical flowers and fruits whirl in the air  and, according with Foetidus, i detect a sort of violet smell around in the musky freshness that may be is not properly produced by the real  presence of violet leaves. The smell is cool, aromatic and woodsy as well as some mint would be in the mix. May be the blend of pears and tiare produces this effect around, a sort of white, fresh, sweetly mild and joyful kind of exotic smell. I think that the combination of pear, musk, tiare and amber exudes that sort of aromatic-floral, dry and white kind of smell that characterizes the fragrance. Not so bad after all in my opinion.

    10th December, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th February, 2013)

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    I found this fragrance listed on a website as a good "woody" or chypre perfume to try. And since I generally tend to like woody and green fragrances I decided to get a small sample to try. I am so disappointed.
    This perfume is not a woody or green fragrance. It may have some woody notes in the base, but on me the scent is almost all top notes and heart notes, therefore I would categorize it as a fruity floral. It's not really a light or subtle fruity floral though. I am also just taking note of the fact that this perfume is coming off as really strong, sweet and heavy on me. I actually don't care for it all that much. At first I just thought "boring and generic floral." Now I'm also thinking "one of those fragrances that I find suffocating in hot weather or a small room." Luckily it's a fairly cool day today. Still, I wouldn't buy this perfume.
    I feel I should also mention that the sample I got is supposedly the EDT version of this fragrance in the pink bottle. If the EDT is this strong, I don't think I could stand the even more concentrated version.
    I also feel I should mention that I wore Shalimar yesterday (a fragrance that many people find "too strong") and that I really like Shalimar. I don't object to strong fragrances per se, I just dislike this style of fragrance. I also strongly suspect that if you're a person who likes the classic Guerlain perfumes (which I am) you probably won't like this one. Or maybe I'm just speaking for myself.

    18 September, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    This perfume isn't as bad as people make out, however it is slightly boring and unoriginal.

    I expected this fragrance to be intense, warm and truly seductive, however what I get is a light, musky, almost masculine scent. Not bad, it is definitely wearable, but not as outstanding as I would've liked it to be.

    There are slight hints of woodsy notes throughout this fragrance, yet there are no woods listed in this scent. The guava and pear notes confuse me greatly as I cannot smell them at all. Gucci opens with floral notes and stays like that until the scent fades away.

    Another disappointing aspect to this scent is its lack of lasting power, which surprised me seeming that you pay a considerable amount to own this fragrance. In my opinion you aren't getting what you paid for.

    I can't help feeling like there's something missing in this fragrance. It definitely lacks character and appeal for me.

    04 June, 2011

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    Singapore Singapore

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    I usually enjoy patchouli-based florals but not this time around. Maybe I just don't care for the tiare or tropical flower note used in here - it is sickly sweet. In fact the entire composition seems poorly balanced right from the get-go, the mildly fruity tops adding nothing of interest to offset the cloying sweetness of the heart as it staggers woefully towards drydown. Pretty bottle notwithstanding, I'd hate to smell GUCCI BY GUCCI on an otherwise attractive woman. Yucks!

    01st January, 2011

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