Hugo XY (2007)
    by Hugo Boss

    Hugo XY Fragrance Notes

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    Boss, How the Mighty Hath Fallen

    One of the better recent releases by Boss. Most of the smell is pear tree leaf. I don't detect a top or base note, it is all just pear tree leaf.

    It is unique though. No one compliments me on this though. Definitely closer to the skin. Pleasant smell, just not anything that I will spend money on again.

    Pros: Unique
    Cons: Projection, longevity, compliments"

    29 September, 2013

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    Mexico Mexico

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    This is a nice generic scent. It really reminds me of A&F's cologne 41. The bottles are even almost identical, I wonder which came first. Honestly 41 to me has a bit more going for it. It has an extra hint of something (it reminds me of a peppery or spicy cucumber). Anyways this cologne was nothing too special, very, very casual. I wouldn't say it's a room sprayer, but it's not too far from it. That's what my vert cologne from pac sun is and this isn't too far from that.

    03 November, 2012

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    Karsten Schneidermann

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    I purchased this fragrance because of it's great appealing peppery freshness and modern cord to it, but be aware! - after it settles it has a almost suffocating sweet oder that made me throw both the EDT and Stick right in the bin.

    09 September, 2012

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    El Fantástico
    Kiribati Kiribati

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    An extremely fresh, cool and crisp fragrance. It projects well and has decent longevity to boot. As someone born and raised in upstate New York, I spent a great deal of time outdoors in and around wooded areas. To me, this smells like a forest after a light rainfall on a spring morning. The crushed ice accord gives it a cool, aquatic feeling but on top of a woodsy base. Top it off with a touch of mint and basil and some pear leaves and you get something really pleasant and calming but with a fresh crispness to it. It basically reminds me of the Radiohead song Creep—soothing yet frenetic at the same time. In his YouTube review, Kerosene said he even sprays this on his pillow at night because it's so soothing. Quite an endorsement.

    I see this working for pretty much all ages and it can definitely be worn year round. Distinctly masculine but very inoffensive and with a youthful energy. It feels casual to me but I don't think it would be so outrageous to wear it with a suit.

    Not everyone will rate this fragrance as high as I do, but I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would actually say it smells bad


    18 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 19 June, 2012)

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    Canada Canada

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    Not bad.
    Best part is the top notes. Comes off likes a fresh, cooling pear. Then a couple hours in, the crushed ice and basil comes. Still refreshing, but a little peppery, and this is how it goes until it fades away.
    Can be boring after a while, but great if you're just hanging out with friends.

    11th October, 2011

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    Blind bought this a while ago 100 ml for £20 I think, started out quite nice for the first few weeks then I could barely stand the scent, when using 3-5 sparys, lasted about 6-8 hour on my skin scent cloud about 2-3 hours opening is very nice can realy smell the pear in this for about 30-50 mins then goes to mint, which is really strong and that why I didnt like this becuase i started to give me a slight headache.

    Not a bad scent if it works for you I loved for the first few weeks only use this scent as a chill out day scent or a house scent. dont wear it often.

    6.8/10 I rate this

    04 August, 2011

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