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Wild Hunt (2007)
by CB I Hate Perfume


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Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseCB I Hate Perfume

About Wild Hunt

Wild Hunt is a shared / unisex perfume by CB I Hate Perfume. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Wild Hunt

Itís the signature petrichor move upfront but, this time it's flanked by some dense foliage as back up. Itís hard to pull specifics from it thoughóitís more of an overall impression of an environment, only it comes off as a tad muddy. Mossy and slightly vegetal, it smells like grass, leaves, fungus all rolled into a single unit. My main contention is that, despite its verisimilitude, it feels mono whereas a stereo effect would have been better suited. Not quite on par composition-wise as some of the other soil-centric scents in the line, but just as photorealistic and convincing.
07th September, 2014
I had really high hopes for this one. Pine, forest, mossy floor... sounded perfect.
When I sprayed it on, my initial impression was of a rather grassy and green scent. It reminded me slightly of CdG's Airborne. That impression lasted for about 5 minutes. Then, the blasted thing settled into the all-too-familiar vibe of cold corn cobs which I swear is how 99% of the CBs react on my skin. Bleh.
15th May, 2012
Sharp, bitter planty notes, soil, leaves, and decay come together in Wild Hunt. Very masculine, somewhat acrid, not at all "nice" smelling, but interesting nonetheless. If you've nursed an unrequited crush on a Republican senator you might wear this cologne when you try to seduce him at Bohemian Grove. Not a great choice for day to day wear.
31st August, 2009
Wild Hunt is described on the CD I Hate Perfume website as:
"the scent of an ancient forest in the heat of a summer afternoon. It is a blend of Torn Leaves, Crushed Twigs, Flowing Sap, Fallen Branches, Old Leaves, Green Moss, Fir, Pine and Tiny Mushrooms."

The opening fragrance is indeed earthy and woody. It is followed by the scent of fir and pine. Next i get hints of spices, although i can't identify which. After this come rich seductive flowers, not strong, but somewhat heady, while the spice and woods remain. I hoped for something earthier, but i like the blend of flowers and woods.
22nd January, 2009
After this scent dries down it is loamy and rich with a sweet undertone like a meadow after a spring shower. It is absolutely brilliant!

However, as you spray it on, before it dries, the smell is gag-inducing. It smells like long-buried, rotten potatoes that have been unearthed by crazed zombies - absolutely horrible...

Since it is water based, the good part of the scent doesn't last long. The pain and suffering of the 1st notes are not worth the hour of wear time.
02nd December, 2008
Mark67 Show all reviews
United States
I enjoy this one. Like Black March, it is a very natural evocation of a wet, earthy, woodsy scene that is uncanny in its analogy. It is also similar in that you may think twice about using something this close to the dirt as a skin scent--though Wild Hunt is maybe more amenable than greenish Black March in that respect.

Where Black March puts your nose up against a wet mossy log, Wild Hunt finds you on the forest floor, with pine needles, leaves, sweet woodiness and smoky mushroom. To me it stays more linear than Black March. Neither are particularly long-lasting to me, but hot damn, how cool that someone is going for this level of verisimilitude.
04th September, 2008

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