Black Suede Touch
    by Avon

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    Yet another Avon surprise. Like everyone has mentioned, this is quite nice. Soft, slightly sweet (anise/maple), a dash of animalic notes and a dose of manliness. I perceive a little bit of Burberry Touch.

    I am looking to do a full set review of this. Stay tuned...

    15 March, 2013

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    Lord Jaun Frederique
    South Africa South Africa

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    This is my first Avon fragrance and certainly not my last I have my eye on Full Speed and Full Speed intense, but back to Black Suede Touch I find the smell very sensual, mystifieding, seductive and sexy and so does my boyfriend, I love wearing it to dinner parties and smart evenings out and often get asked what am I wearing it smells so good, for something els I strongly recommend trying it with a blend of Lentheric Solo original especially for day time with pair of jeans and a sexy black linen shirt.

    22 January, 2013

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    Slovakia Slovakia

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    Black Suede Touch is one of best (if not best) Avon offerings. It is very natural smelling mix of pepper, ginger and vanilla. Very spicy on top. Elegant sweet dark touch evokes mystery in me. I can see this more as a mature scent (25+, or formal clothes). It could be easy mistaken for more expensive designer offerings (to me it has similiar vibe to La Nuit by YSL). Unfortunately longevity is only about 4-5 hours. Great office/evening scent for gentleman.

    To me it deserves 4 out of 5 stars.

    02 March, 2012 (Last Edited: 03 March, 2012)

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    Argentina Argentina

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    It shares many notes with Bogart's pour Homme, however, spicier, without the cherry-tobacco notes, with less longevity but more complex than the former.

    It is a very enjoyable scent, with a very contemporary style and I guess the right choice for those with a conservative attitude towards scent-wearing - namely, men who just don't want to be complimented at the scent being worn by them (for this might be ground to think that they just don't know how to wear EdTs) as well as for those looking for a good value for money.

    So girls, look for this one if you want to risk making your man smell nice.

    08 December, 2010

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    Antarctica Antarctica

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    I'll admit that I'm a newcomer to the scent game, but I believe my enthusiasm has exposed me to many scents from the cheap/clearance bin to the uppity boutiques with French or Italian names.

    After reading the three previous and only reviews of this manly scent I quickly went out and ordered a bottle.

    After trying it on I thought to myself, "Can you wear this to anything other than a tuxedo/black tie event?"

    Other scents out there smell "serious" but you feel you can still pull it off on some special casual events.
    Touch just seems like a very mature scent and if you are under 30 yrs. old and wearing this then you better carry yourself well. It lasts and if you're thinking "old" when I say "mature" then you're missing the point, intelligent, wordly women, I believe, can tell the difference.

    25 May, 2010

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    Romania Romania

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    It is a bargain. Cheap, but expensive-smelling, spicy-oriental, yet airy, no foody notes, a little patchouli( thank god it is not much ) , natural ginger, vanilla. It smells like a freshly ironed shirt. I love it. It is very chic.

    29 March, 2009

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