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    Brazil Brazil

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    Elle is one of the few Yves Saint Laurent recent fragrances that i like. It seems to me to have the bold aroma of a classic YSL creation but shapped in a modern androginous shape. I like the spicy of pink pepper, that seems to add something slightly fruity with the litchi to the flower accord, which is more spicy than fully floral. The base is woody, with something a little bit incensed and i don't know why but wearing it today the flowers, woods, and spicy aromas made me imagine Elle as the younger sister of YSL NU Edp, one of my favorite incenses of all time.

    02 January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    The first intoxicating exhalation reports in a while on my mind the great Habit Rouge but immediately a more modern, floral/water, synthetic, fruity (berries) penetrating soul conveys you back in the hard current age with all its synthetic woody/ambery/musky redundancy. A spicy/ floral that has in the berries/aquatic floral/patchouli/vetiver chord its backbone. Just decent under my nose.

    17 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 15 March, 2014)

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    Wee Scottish Scent Lover
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This is a very sophisticated fragrance. It's the most multi faceted perfume I own. It starts off fairly innocently with light florals, then comes delicate rose, yet it settles into a sexy, subtle layer of patchouli and smokiness. Not for the faint of heart. Bold, sassy, classy and sexy. It shouts, "I'm here, I'm confident and I smell absolutely gorgeous!"

    25 January, 2012

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    Australia Australia

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    It seems to me that patchouli has become increasingly popular in fragrances these days, even though there are still many people that dislike its scent.

    Elle is very much dominated by the patchouli. There are many similarities between this fragrance and Dior's Midnight Poison, which reviewers before me have already noted.

    This is patchouli in a dark, earthy and somewhat spicy sense. Not particularly feminine yet not unpleasant either. Delicate just isn't the right word here, Elle is actually quite strong and in some ways sharp.

    In the top notes, the lemon, litchi and peony are rich and bold rather than being sweet and flirtatious as they are in most scents. The patchouli and vetiver tend to discourage the entire composition from becoming too sweet, too fruity or too flowery. The red berries seem to be the only competition with the patchouli in the heart, which tends to create an almost boozy-type smell.

    Elle definitely has character in an alluring and powerful sense. This fragrance is not for a meek and mild woman. Elle is a demanding, attention-seeking, modernistic femme fatale.

    Elle is in some ways too loud and dark for my tastes, even though I do enjoy patchouli in heavy doses. This fragrance does not suit my own personality, and even though it did agree with my chemistry, I couldn't feel comfortable wearing it.

    30th June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Elle reflects the chicness of modern Womanhood confident
    yet refined this scent is the new Era of the powerhouse
    scents of the 80's a scent just screams HERE I AM JUST LOOK AT ME! commands your attention with just one spray.
    Open zesty with Almalfi Lemon with a crisp and bitter
    texture in a minute it dries a bit softer with Petals
    of peonies with it's semi sweet airy scent floating in the notes, Sweet and succulent Litchi plump ripe with
    the purest transformation to dark pink to bright Red
    dries sweetly finishes the top Layer with intoxicating
    nuances. Delicate and spicy pink pepper opens the second
    layer turns the scent with a bit of dryness that adds
    to the intensity Jasmine is very easy to detect in This scent and give off an greenish herbal smell.

    The drydown or the bottom layer fades and the only
    note i can pick up is the diluted silage of Patchouli,
    and deep almost elusive patches of musk that finishes
    this Scent.

    What i also think why this scent is sexy the reason for this is the shape and the color of the flacon
    Clean slender lines reminiscent of the perfectly
    built and well groomed businesswoman domineering and
    Sexual who put men in their place and also the color
    the sexiest of all flacon colors conjours bright neon
    signs of a nocturnal city, adds to the futuristic
    minimalistic style of Today.

    09 January, 2011

    nonnative's avatar
    Italy Italy

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    The note of Pink berry covers all the other notes and this frangrance does not evolve at all. It reminds me an ingenuos scent for girls or a bubble bath from the 80s. I was surprised YSL presented this product.

    20th April, 2010

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