Tom Ford for Men (2007)
    by Tom Ford

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    This is a fragrance that you need to sniff for yourself and separate from all the advertising hype that surrounded it. Yes, it smells at times like you spilled a high-ball on yourself, but the liquor in that drink was some damned good Scotch. It has good sillage (at least on me) and it's a scent can be worn anywhere gracefully, like a well-worn sportscoat, without the fear that others will find it gauche. It's a mature fragrance--not one that it screams "look at me!!!". It may not be my all-time favorite, but it's classy. You could do a lot worse--and you'd have to look hard to find better.

    22 March, 2014

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    This one is on the tamer side of the fragrance spectrum. I get a warm, soothing honey and tobacco mix from it. It is also on the weaker side as far as projection goes being one of the very few fragrances I would hit more than two shots of.

    Overall a pleasant but not overpowering or particularly loud scent. I wear it often in a formal business environment. I certainly understand the large number of "meh" reviews but for some situations that can be a good thing.

    Who should wear it: Men who need a nice scent for work that won't offend anyone.
    Who should not wear it: Men who are trying to impress women.

    06 February, 2014

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    Germany Germany

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    It`s all about the interplay

    It took some time to realize that this is high-class. It`s a straight one, an ambery-fougère-type of scent with a fresh honeyed citrus, a mediterranean herbal bouquet of lavender and rosemary, a clean musky barbershop overall feel and a dry vetiver-vanilla-combo that settles on skin beautifully. Tom Ford for Man may be somewhat archetypal as a non-powerhouse masculine and there is even some faint resemblance to "Cool Water"-type EdTs. But there must be something in the interplay of its notes that makes this scent not trivial. Longevity is average. Projection is quite high in the first hour after application. The feeling on skin is extremely comforting and the bottle outragious. A modern classic.

    Pros: A straight & clean modern classic

    22 September, 2013

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    A good all-arounder'

    When I was into single malt scotch (still love it, but not really into it as a hobby anymore), the great whisky/beer critique Michael Jackson called Highland Park "the great all- arounder." This die not mean that it was safe, bland or generic; it was in fact none of these things. It was just that it was a great honey/sherried/peaty malt with fantastic depth and maltiness. It had it all.

    TFFM may not be a great all-arounder, but it strikes me as a good, competent fragrance that is good in most ways. At also shifts and changes with the weather, and perhaps with my mood. Sometimes lighter, sometimes a bit more brooding, it can be worn in the summer heat with a light touch, or more fully on a winters night. Sometimes the citrus are more prominent, other times the honey/tobacco notes.

    I think it is underrated; it is mostly cool to discount Tom Ford scents. Frankly, I like most of them.

    30th August, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    horrible stuff truly awful

    Pros: none
    Cons: a lot"

    16 July, 2013

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    Eh, nothing special with this one. Doesn't smell very strong, not much projection or sillage. A very ordinary scent with nothing to really distinguish it . Got a sample and won't be buying a bottle.

    11th February, 2013

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