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Tom Ford for Men (2007)
by Tom Ford


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerYves Cassar
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tom Ford for Men

Tom Ford for Men is a masculine fragrance by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Yves Cassar

Reviews of Tom Ford for Men

Nice traditional masculine. Dries down to nice old school powder. Low projection but decent longevity. I don't get Baldessarini comparison that few people here and Luca made. Maybe I am new to fragrances.
Recommended if you have f-you money.
06th November, 2015 (last edited: 04th December, 2015)
I’ve never been much of a fan of Tom Ford’s masculine offerings, as I find them either nice but overpriced, or fairly dull (Noir, for example). For some reasons I always never cared for this one, maybe unconsciously thinking, given the name, that it was a sort of epitome of all of that, and... bingo, this is instead the first one which works for me. Mostly because it’s finally something solid, with a fair price (well, sort of). Maybe a bit boring, surely too discreet for the needs of the average “bros” building pools to bath in their Private Blends, and however miles away from being ground-breaking: just solid and mature, unpretentious and versatile, with a remarkably decent quality and overall, extremely pleasant to wear. The composition smells simple and clear, and notes seem all built with really decent materials: the spiced, gingerish orange-citrus notes are sparkling, tangy and juicy; the floral-infused musky-ambery base smells compellingly warm, slightly creamy and slightly salty too, the whole woody-herbal accord is a bit aseptic and nondescript (I only get some faint, weakly mossy vetiver), but working fine within the composition, providing an office-safe “boisé” feel which will get some more credit on the drydown, and the suede-ish tobacco smells, well, like most other tobacco notes on the market - which means “nothing like real tobacco” for me, but nice anyway; smooth, sweet, “brownish” and affably, youthfully distinguished.

Like for some other reviewers, two fragrances came to my mind while wearing this the first time: Hugo Boss Baldessarini and to a much lesser extent, yet worthy a mention, a sort of spicier and watered-down version of L’Instant pour Homme by Guerlain. Maybe Carolina Herrera for Men too, just for the tobacco accord (an “orange-amber” flanker of that would be close to this Ford’s, I guess), and Kenzo pour Homme Boisée just for a similar citrus-scented light woody accord. Above all I’d mention Baldessarini though, and I would say Tom Ford for Men smells quite a bit better than that – more crisp, more appealing, definitely more quality too. So, anyway: a zesty, classy, politely self-confident fragrance with just the right hint of musky tackiness and a pleasant spicy-woody drydown with a warm whiff of amber. Surely a mild, maybe pedantic, kind of “generic” office-safe fragrance based on a really conventional and mainstream concept of “tart-spicy Oriental cologne” with pretty much the sole scope of making you smell nice in the most mannered, discreet and crowd-pleasing meaning possible... but hell, it does it impeccably good (sadly with a short persistence, but it does).

05th October, 2015
Tom Ford for Men, unlike most of the private blend line, leans very masculine. It immediately smells like a classic men's fragrance, at the intersection of citrus, spice, and leather. It strikes me as a natural extension of something like Ralph Lauren Safari, a classic citrus/spicy mix that harkens back to an earlier time when more men wore fragrances along the line of Pour Monsieur instead of overly fruity or aquatic entries, not that I have anything against either of those. TF for Men is a fragrance that both you and your dad and grandfather can wear and all seem correctly in place. Certainly it's not as befitting a teenager but there's nothing wrong with a young man being ahead of his time, fragrance-wise.

It's also very versatile--good for day or night, summer or winter, and very pleasant throughout its lifespan (it does not evolve much).

The biggest criticisms are projection and longevity, which are both moderate at best, as it has a very strong opening (within an hour) and then quickly retreats to a skin scent for the remaining 6 hours or so. This is appropriate for an EDT priced well below the EDPs and even private blend EDPs that Tom Ford offers, so while it makes sense (TF for Men is only $50 or so for 50ml), it might still disappoint some TF fans that are only accustomed to the private blends, which are generally outstanding in most respects, and should be, for the price.

If you're looking as a man or to buy for a man, check this out. Very good fragrance all-around, just not a projection/longevity monster.

7 out of 10
04th September, 2015
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A tame oriental, with citrus and tobacco leaf notes over an ambery/vanilla/cedar base. If the base notes were amped up, it would fall into gourmand territory (think custard slice). Affable and office-friendly thanks to feeble projection. Longevity as a skin scent is excellent (12 hours from 6 sprays).

This fragrance would be a flop were it not for the louche 70s lounge lizard vibe the blend invokes, implying that the wearer is a 'sex man' and thus rescuing it from a thumbs down.

Baldessarini Concentree and (to a lesser extent) Courvoisier L'Edition Imperiale EdP are similar.
16th August, 2015
Really nice smelling fragrance that reminds me a little of L'Instant de Guerlain for about two hours. Unfortunately, TF for Men suffers from poor longevity and weak sillage. I gave a generous application as other reviews have noted the weak performance, and it certainly held true in my wearing. I got barely two hours of faint scent and thirty minutes of skin scent and it was done. Considering the price for this house's fragrance versus below average performance, TF4M is a huge disappointment and would be a waste of money. Can't recommend it. LIDG is similar and a far better value.
15th August, 2015

A Nice Surprise!It is hard to resist for this smell. TOM FORD For Men is a Fresh Woodsy Scent that Evokes Rigour and Passion. It is not too strong or overwhelming. Masculine,Alluring, Classy,Sophisticated,Romantic, Warm,Expensive and Sensational.

Fresh top notes of Bergamot,Lemon and Mandarin Orange are not Paricular but it Magical turns into an Spicy and Seductive mixture of Tobacco and Pepper.The base Includes a Great blend of Amber,Vetiver and Patchouli That makes it Warm and Woody.

It is a Sensuous Scent that can wear by Any Age to Any Occasion,Nonetheless i would recommend it for a Mature&Bold Man. It is Gorgeous for AUTUMN. Definitely a EVENING Scent. If you are Looking for something a Little Different from Your Typical Overpowering cologne You Need this EDT.


Longevity?Another Surprise this one for me.Simply Adorable Longevity on my skin.

11th May, 2015

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