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Guess Suede (2007)
by Guess


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Guess Suede

Guess Suede is a masculine fragrance by Guess. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Guess Suede

Blind bought. Hated it
09th February, 2017

While on a vacation a couple years ago, my girlfriend and I got this cologne from a Gordman's for dirt cheap. We hadn't been dating very long, and that was our first trip together. I wore it during the trip, and proceeded to go through the whole bottle throughout the next year. When I smell it, it still reminds me of being on that vacation with her and all the good memories that come with it, so I may be a bit biased. But IMHO, if a fragrance can do that, then it scores some serious unique points for me. 


The scent is very pleasant and comforting to me, and goes perfect with a rainy day. I may be a bit biased based on my experience with it, but I do truly love this cologne. Its one thing for someone who smells hundreds of fragrances to take a quick whiff and go "Meh", but as someone who has spent serious time with this cologne and knows it well, I can tell you that it really is something special. I may not use it very regularly anymore, but I hope to always keep a bottle for nostalgic reasons. 4 years later I'm still with her (and more in love than ever), and a quick smell of Guess Suede instantly reminds me of our young love. Now that's real magic.

Pros: Unique, clean
Cons: ZERO!

21st May, 2013
Fruity, uber sweet.
Yeah, it starts like Pi lite.
Gets a note like rotting banana skin or cantaloupe rind, about 30 seconds in.
Vaguely aromatic in a faux way.
03rd January, 2011
I'm going to agree with foetidus on this one...WAY better than the original. I was satisfied with the price, you can usually find the whole set discounted. I got the whole SUEDE set, with the 5oz. body/hair wash, 5oz. after shave, and 2.5 oz cologne for $39.99.

I really rocked this one during the beginning of the fall. I like it as a transition fragrance.
08th December, 2010
A synthetic, fruity, leathery juice with a hint of vanilla. Not too strong, so it's not cloying. The initial blast smelled nice, but within a few minutes it's gone generic - the vanilla note is reminiscent of Pi, however while Pi's vanilla is more creamy "custardy", if you know what I mean. This one's vanilla is just kind of a synthetic, rubber gloves-kinda smelling vanilla.

This sort of gives off a coconut smell similar to Obsession Night for Men, but not as good.
04th October, 2010
I had my reservations about Guess Suede! Thank goodness I was not let down. That badly... Guess Suede seems promising from the bottle The initial blast is of fruits, woods, & suede! Im thinking to myself what a lovely combination here.. However I got this burst of suede into my nostrils which was almost to the point of being overbearing & I said good grief!!!! This stuff is POTENT! I like the structure of this cologne because the suede is there from beginning to end. If it were not for the suede, this would not b such a good frag. Mind you I dont care for suede in fragrances but it works here. More better than Guess Man, its still lacking something, altho longevity is good, 6+ hours I will go neutral here as this is not a bad scent!
30th June, 2010

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