My Insolence (2007)
    by Guerlain

    My Insolence Fragrance Notes

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    Brazil Brazil

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    A soft raspberry delight!

    Oh, c'mon, this is one of most lovely Guerlain creations... The drydown has a slightly powdery vanilla, which I love... Very delicate... A citrus raspberry sorbet enhanced with a extremely delightful blend of almond blossom. This is my darling and lasts all day!

    25 May, 2013

    missjane's avatar
    Australia Australia

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    pleasant, fruity opening. Becoming overpoweringly sweet. Candy. Ouch. Not for me. Having said that, I have smelt much worse, and I did genuinely enjoy the first ten minutes.

    29 August, 2012

    LadyDragonFire's avatar

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    I like this one. On me, the super-sweet candy-raspberry note smells really nice, and I love most fragrances that have vanilla and tonka bean in them in general (I admit it.) I would describe this as a fun fragrance, and it just generally makes me feel happy. Plus, I find that on me it comes across as sweet without being overly heavy believe it or not. I would recommend this one to people who are looking for a good berry fragrance.

    19 August, 2011

    odysseusm's avatar
    Canada Canada

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    I'll give it some points for its bizarre, fruit-punch aspect. It is different! Not classy or sophisticated, but it is kind of intriguing. At times it seems sweet and floral, but it is not heavy nor cloying. Candy floss, raspberry kool-aid... yes. The almond blossom note gives it a quirky aspect. At times it is a bit metallic and synthetic. Still, I've smelled far, far worse. Definitely a bottom-feeder in the noble Guerlain line, Hillary Swank or no Hilary Swank...

    01st February, 2011

    Ratfink's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Smells like really strong and fruity herbal tablets; I’ve smelt worse, but it’s just a bit bizarre. After several hours it dries down to a slightly too sweet Insolence-type scent. Not exactly a Guerlain classic.

    20th October, 2010

    bloody frida's avatar
    bloody frida
    United States United States

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    I bought a bottle when it first came out (along w/V Absolu). It's the kind of fragrance I can wear when I'm not in the mood to be in love with something.

    14 January, 2010

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