Can Can Paris Hilton (2007)
    by Paris Hilton

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    I like this one actually ._. call me youngster but I really like the smell of sweet treats, this scent reminded me of Cotton Candy and when it dries down it smelled like buttery sugar cookies <3 the only bad thing is, I couldnt stop smelling my wrists and I was making my friends hungry >.>

    13 October, 2011

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    Australia Australia

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    This is one of those perfumes that I'm always procrastinating over. One day I'll love it and then the next time I try it, I'll change my mind.

    This is definitely my favourite fragrance from Paris Hilton. Unlike her other perfumes, Can Can smells much more expensive and not as sickeningly sweet.

    Although this fragrance is still candy-like and aimed at the teen market, there is something strangely addictive about this perfume. When you first spray it, it doesn't exactly sweep you off your feet, however you find yourself sniffing your wrist for the rest of the day and thinking how nice it smells.

    The scent is really casual, girly and fun. The lasting power is also quite good.

    Despite what other people think, I actually like the bottle design. In my opinion, simplicity is more. I also believe that the advertisement and theme inspired by the Moulin Rouge, suits this fragrance.

    What keeps me from buying this is the synthetic drydown which smells like plastic on my skin. It's such a shame because I loved wearing Can Can for those first few hours.

    I would recommend this fragrance to young girls or very feminine women who like their perfumes to be flirtatious, sweet and playful.

    26 April, 2011

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    Tony T
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    great for the under 30 crowd. pleasantly sweet but not overdone. more oriental than floral. longevity and sillage are great!

    01st June, 2010

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    Mimi Gardenia
    United States United States

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    I can honestly say there are worse things floating around the universe than Can Can by Paris Hilton. It's not bad but it ain't a masterpiece. It's your usual fruit-floral-musk,sweet stuff - great for teenagers .It's nothing serious and I guess there is a market for P Hilton's stuff.

    10th February, 2010

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    United States United States

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    A sweet gourmand I found to be surprisingly good. A tad syrupy at times, true, but the same can be said of most sweet, vanilla-heavy frags.

    An awfully good choice for young ladies 21 and under, and maybe for some well over 21. Pity one has to give his/her dollars to that talentless Paris Hilton in order to get this affordable fragrance.

    27 December, 2008

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    Wales Wales

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    Vile. Sweet fruit in synthetic syrup. A scrubber.
    One good thing to say about it: it's not as bad as the original Paris Hilton perfume.

    29 November, 2008

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