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Velvet Tuberose (2007)
by Bath and Body Works


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Year of Launch2007
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HouseBath and Body Works
Parent CompanyLimited Brands > Intimate Brands

About Velvet Tuberose

Velvet Tuberose is a feminine perfume by Bath and Body Works. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Velvet Tuberose

I'm sure I would love this on someone else but I find it way too overpowering. A very old timey smell.
01st May, 2013
rickie Show all reviews
United States
You know, I kinda like this.... This might sound crazy but I think it smells similar to Juicy Coutour (Spelling?) Any way, It is sweet, but not at all like Fracas or Jo Malones Tuberose, which I was hoping for more Tuberose in this as a cheaper alternative. But it is nice and very affordable.
19th September, 2009
mals86 Show all reviews
United States
This is the scent that pushed me into perfume-chasing, so I have to give it a thumbs up. After decades of drugstore fragrances (I've never even smelled Amarige!), I popped into BBW during a sale to stock up on my favorite mood-booster, the Aromatherapy Orange-Ginger, and buy my sister's fave Aromatherapy Lavender & Vanilla for her birthday. Out of curiosity, I picked up every new fragrance to sniff. The Velvet Tuberose grabbed me by the front of my blouse and propelled me to the counter. (I had to circle back to get the Aromatherapy stuff.)

I get plenty of tuberose -- albeit a very well-behaved one, no Fracas here ** -- and orchid, with a deep underpinning of amber and cashmeran "wood" tones. On me it seems somewhat linear, in that I get tuberose-and-orchid-and-amber-and-wood all at once, with no discernible phases. I love this. It's a comfort scent for me, in cold weather, and I enjoy the way it lasts on me. Friends who hug me comment that I smell nice, and my daughter, who despises the way it smells in the bottle, says that it's far nicer on my skin.

** I LIKE Fracas. It's a classic, and I'm not putting this on the same level -- but I didn't know about Fracas last fall when I bought my 50 ml bottle of VT for about $19.

04th February, 2009
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Amarige + Skin Musk = Velvet Tuberose. It's pretty, but there are so many superior tuberose perfumes, I'd never need to wear this. I suppose I'd consider the bath & body products, but only during one of the annual sales.
04th February, 2009
I thought Velvet Tuberose had potential at first sniff and took the hand cream home without testing it. I was looking for something to ease my disappointment over Magnolia Blossom being discontinued and this one appeared promising. But when I put it on I found I was sorely mistaken. Not that this is a bad scent--
I have a girlfriend who is very picky about fragrance and loves it. On me it smells like nostril-flaringly detergent-y fabric softener.
Well, I'm loth to ever throw a full bottle of anything out, so I wear this around the house and on lazy days off when I don't want to put on makeup. Over time we have gotten used to each other and VT doesn't claw at my olfactories if I don't pay it the mind. I give it a neutral because I respect my friend's opinion and I kind of like the more complex direction Bath & Body Works scents have been taking. However, I am finally almost out and am going to go searching for Magnolia Blossom on ebay.
03rd January, 2009
I am wearing the limited edition EDP of Velvet Tuberose. I don't get it's similarity with Amarige, which I used to love, but I do very very much love this. The scent evolution during the drydown is so fantastic that I get distracted; my head reels! It also lasts so long on skin and on clothing, even when it's hot out. The scent really perks me up when I wake up to it in the morning. Love it love it love it!
05th November, 2008

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