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Jil Sander Man (2007)
by Jil Sander


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJil Sander
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Prestige

About Jil Sander Man

Jil Sander Man is a masculine fragrance by Jil Sander. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Jil Sander Man

I'm not getting the smoke that many reviewers mention, mostly just fresh green herbs (maybe even something like pine?) and a light, powdery, almost medicinal smell that is quite nice. I do agree with everyone saying this is an excellent office scent. Very refreshing and inoffensive. The opening is a bit harsh but the drydown is much better.
02nd June, 2016
The opening of JSM smells like Jil Sander Man Pure combined with Feeling Man. The initial gasoline and wood accord is very short-lived, and what emerges quickly after is a whole lot of violet and vetiver. The body is quite soft and a little powdery in an iris kind of way, but not at all dark or thick like the notes pyramid led me to expect. The end result reminds me in little ways of Bvlgari Blv Notte (minus the chocolate and chemical feel)and Lalique 'Faune.' Classy and covert, a bit underperforming in the sillage department but excellent for work.
22nd March, 2016
A nice surprise for sure. I blind-bought this for 20 EUR at a sale, and I must say that if I could have tried this before, I'd have probably paid it even a bit more. Jil Sander Man is a discreet, refined, contemporary, a bit trendy but classy enough scent, basically a woody-leathery violet scent with vetiver and cedar ("pencil") notes and a slight smoky fog. All quite polished, satin and restrained, as you would expect from a mainstream scent with no "creative" pretenses – and I say this with a totally positive meaning, as being creative is surely not mandatory. A safe "office scent" for sure, but a particularly pleasant and well-made one, and if you ask me, also quite distinctive and memorable in its own discreet way. What strikes me the most here is the leather accord, which despite being quite delicate and almost unperceivable, smells unexpectedly elegant, rich, mellow and soft, polished and quiet but without smelling like pure, un-elaborated safraleine (as it happens so often with far more pricey scents). It smells materic, substantial, like a new pair of shoes, and its softness is cleverly enhanced by violet and resins, while woody-smoky notes of vetiver and cedar provide an elegant, manly, crisp darker counterpart, especially in the drydown, which is quite darker and woodier – always keeping it discreet and utterly pleasant (and well, with an unpleasant hint of norlimbanol, but just if you carefully look for it, so... nevermind!). A perfect undemanding yet elegant and compelling fragrance which I'd dare to consider a remarkable evolution of the concept of masculine "eau de cologne" - that type of unpretentious everyday fragrances good for any time, any situation and any mood.

10th October, 2014
Sweet and smoky yet discreet and elegant. Not a groundbraking release but surely a remarkable fragrance. I'm not very impressed by the opening that maybe smells a bit generic and way too gentle, but the resinous/vetiver/cedar drydown is really pleasant and somehow unique.A slight vintage vibe throughout adds an extra touch to make of Jil Sander Man an interesting composition that is positively distant form the average quality of todays designers fragrances. Good for everydays wear.

Nice bottle.
03rd June, 2011
Jil Sander Man,

Interesting, little powdery and sweet, but well done constructed, romantic scent, projects well, girls will love it, for sure!
Versatile age range, fall and winter, maybe a bit heavy for summer and spring, 2 thumbs up!
11th February, 2011
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Can't disagree -- it's smoky and sweet and a bit safe/generic/for the office -- what lifts JSM above other similar fragrances is a really nice and lengthy drydown.

PS. Has anyone tested the new CDG masculine, 'Wonderwood'?. What a completely deflating experience -- where's their edge gone? They seem to have shelved the 'God Save the Queen' fragrance project, which last I heard was going to be in a teapot shaped bottle, and pushed out this rather safe woody offering which smells like many of their previous ones on this tip. Bleh!
24th August, 2010

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