Spiritueuse Double Vanille (2007)
    by Guerlain

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    Spritueuse Double Vanille is an intoxicating, warm, sweet scent. It stays sweet, smooth, and boozy from the beginning – smells like a delicious cocktail of vanilla float and some liquor, then dries down to something like a vanilla/flour cupcake that my mother used to bake in the morning.

    SDV is a well-rounded, resinous scent. It is soft, but a single spray to the neck really lasts, and the scent projects quite nicely. Guerlain brings sweet/vanilla scents to another level – SDV is a truly comforting scent and I love smelling it wafting off my skin. Sure the full bottle is pricey, but a small decant will last a long time.

    16 February, 2014

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    Boozy vanilla that is perfect for fall and winter. Received a sample a few days ago, and I will be purchasing a bottle of this in the near future. This one is perfect for those who feel Tobacco Vanille is a bit to strong. 8.5 out of 10

    13 November, 2013

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    I was initially underwhelmed by SDV, but after sampling it again a few months later, I like it. However, it's too feminine for me and my wife agrees. That's why I think it'd be much better on a woman.

    The scent is pretty much just naturally smelling sweet vanilla and stays that way throughout. I do get kind of a milky note which I'm not too fond of, but overall I would say I like smelling this fragrance on my wife.

    This scent is reminiscent of a vanilla milk shake.

    04 April, 2013

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    Originally purchased decants for myself but this just fits perfectly on my lady. I can't get enough of it on her! This is what I call a divine vanilla experience. Gets the motor running.

    28 March, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    this is headache trigger type of vanilla, boozy yes, feels like i am in the kitchen making cackes....mixing some bourbon vanilla into the milk, with eggs and , soaking biscuites into liquer......

    so not me!

    why do they repeat themselves so much , wasnt Cuir Beluga enough of vanilla??

    necessary accessoire with this is apron :)

    24 February, 2013

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    It's an ok fragrance. Opening is actually off putting to me, boozy kind of weird, not pleasant. Eventually vanilla "normalizes" and it feels better and good, but even so it still isn't as good as some other upper end frags. In the battle for best vanilla, Tobacco Vanille absolutely destroys this (in both potency and actual smell beginning to end). I think Guerlain should have done better with this release.

    14 December, 2012

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