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Spiritueuse Double Vanille (2007)
by Guerlain


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean Paul Guerlain
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About Spiritueuse Double Vanille

Guerlain say:

Spiritueuse Double Vanille is a luminous fragrance: golden vanilla dazzles us with its multiple facets and incredible splendour, far from sweet and childlike insipidity. A stunning composition in which each raw material recalls the journey, the long crossings by boat, in which the wood of the hull melds with that of the rum barrels and spice boxes.

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Reviews of Spiritueuse Double Vanille


A elusive and heavy vanillic scent evoking thae juxtaposition of harmony with the intensity of recklessness.GUERLAIN capturing the creative dynamic and magnetic femininity of a modern is perfectly rich and irresistible scent.a must have for those addicted smoky vanilla and highly recommended if you need something unique.bold yet an elegant perfume at the same time in a special and intense composition. Glamorous,Seductive, Expensive,Deep, Smoky,Unisex,Sultry,Addictive,Wintry and Headstrong Passion.

Within the perfume,the spicy vibrant notes fuse with a dark, sensual and smoky vanilla to reveal a tenacious incense signature.incense remains the backbone of the perfume and allows the other notes to surround it.this perfume is great from start to finish to me as it has a mystery and insolent composition that has much more oomph than nowadays perfumes that often has just gorgeous packaging while the scents has another story. this EDP makes a lasting impression when you smell it on someone who is wearing absolute stunning.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
A vanilla for vanilla lovers. Not one to convert the unbeliever, which I am. It had to show me something more... or richer...or deeper. Maybe in actuality, it needed to not be vanilla... The biggest problem is it didn't blossom on my skin. That factor is always variable, so I can't say it won't in the summer, in humidity. But I can say this isn't a winter fragrance for me. Which is exactly when I'd love to wear a rich delectable vanilla.
Because it didn't blossom the boozy note talked about became like the alcohol in a straight-up vanilla extract. So this vanilla went astray immediately into foody territory. And on my skin it never left it. What it ended up making me hungry for was complexity and skin. The end was the biggest disappointment of all - I hoped for depth and richness, but got cupcake. It lightened and brightened to a chid's version of the perfect comfort food. This fragrance is not for adults! Or at least not adults in cold climates. I think an oil base would make this blossom more, but there are vanillas I like more without having to doctor it.
While Jicky isn't strictly a vanilla fragrance, the vanilla comes out in it more in cold weather and the smellier notes lay down, and is simply smashing in winter. That is about as vanillic as I like to go, which probably means I don't care for fragrances built around vanilla. I kind of like the name though.
02nd February, 2015 (last edited: 04th April, 2015)
Very amazing personal scent.!!!
If you want to please yourself then this is the right choice !!!
Not a sillage bomb but yes the wearer will get the wift for almost 8-9 hours
Nice Perfume
05th November, 2014
Genre: Oriental

A big, cushy vanilla based scent from Guerlain’s premium line – what’s not to adore? I was prepared to swoon over Spiritueuse Double Vanille from the very first sniff, but guess what? I’m not buying it.

Why not? Well, the opening accord of miraculously dry vanilla and brisk pink peppercorns is arresting, but within minutes there appears a conspicuous, abrasive, sour note that reminds me much too closely of boiling vinegar. The impression on me is the olfactory equivalent of fingernails on a blackboard, and it’s just as intolerable. The nasty note does eventually go away, but it lingers far too long for my patience. The drydown, when it arrives is (what else?) a satin smooth vanilla and sandalwood blend that’s almost - but only almost – enough to make me forget the awkward middle movement. I know that Spiritueuse Double Vanille has found much love her on Basenotes, but I find it far less satisfying than its siblings Cuir Beluga and Bois d’Armenie.
03rd July, 2014
It is as it's name implies....double scoops of vanilla. It's more femme than masculine but I do love my vanillas and this one takes the cake. But dispite that it's mainly vanilla, it's really not that vanilla. There are some spices and boozy feel to it which makes this wearable on men (depending on whom though). The stranges thing about this one, you think it's gone but then it wiffs around and you will catch it here and there. Can come off powdery though so be aware of that if you don't like your fragrances powdery.
27th June, 2014
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United States
Spritueuse Double Vanille is an intoxicating, warm, sweet scent. It stays sweet, smooth, and boozy from the beginning – smells like a delicious cocktail of vanilla float and some liquor, then dries down to something like a vanilla/flour cupcake that my mother used to bake in the morning.

SDV is a well-rounded, resinous scent. It is soft, but a single spray to the neck really lasts, and the scent projects quite nicely. Guerlain brings sweet/vanilla scents to another level – SDV is a truly comforting scent and I love smelling it wafting off my skin. Sure the full bottle is pricey, but a small decant will last a long time.
16th February, 2014

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