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    Tony T
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    Unexplainably good

    I do enjoy it. the opening is one of a kind. light citrus and light spices. very hard to explain. does not project well like other CDG'S as mentioned but that's a small issue. if you are into weird scents like me at least sample it. I blind bought a used bought and I don't regret it

    Pros: one of a kind scent
    Cons: not the best longevity"

    30th July, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Picture this:
    You've been mischievous...
    You've been naughty...
    You've inflicted pain on others for your own happiness...
    The others retaliate back on you...
    You guys were just being upfront playful mates.

    That's how I would sum this fragrance. Its not your generic citrus scent, its funky with a twist - an energizing fizz that pop after you inhale. I can't really pin point it, but its extremely addictive. Its not masculine, but it can be; Its not feminine, but it can be that too. Its fresh and approachable and cheerful - just make you want to jump.!

    15 December, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Another interesting delivery from the guys at CDG. Play is basically a woody citrus composition that strikes as incredibly fresh, wearable and versatile but where most of the modern frgrances of the same family fail evolving into anonimous and generic drydowns, Play introduces a subtle dose of weirdness that's the typical hallmark of the house. I would describe this element as sci-fi and sort of industrial. Smells somewhere between brand new cd's, electricity cables and yes...loudspeakers (thanks Mike for pointing this out). Original without being odd.

    Not a sillage monster but you can bypass this issue by simply over-applying.

    Totally endorsed.

    11th November, 2011

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    United States United States

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    An unexpected offering from CDG.
    Too mainstream to be considered niche; too off-center to truly be a mainstream scent.
    Very pleasant citrus that lasts from top notes, all the way to the dry base.
    Highly mesmerizing and addictive, as the saffron combines with citrus to create something highly unique.
    Projection and longevity are mediocre.

    20th July, 2011

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    A rather strange note in the opening: The first couple of times I smelled it, I got shades of the dreaded Guerilla 1. I really didn’t like this at first, but, its being CDG, I knew I had to give my olfactory synapses a few trial runs before I could begin to understand it. Each time I tested it, I warmed up to it a little, but I never have and probably never will achieve the love: the saffron note stops me every time. Everything else in Play I now find enjoyable and admirable. I have come to enjoy the “sea note” that I disliked at first. I can appreciate the balance and refinement of the opening and middle accords. I love the drydown. There are some extremely interesting things going on in the background and under the surface: the sophistication of the citrus opening with its pepper note; the wonderful interplay of oak moss and patchouli in the base; and the change from cold to warmth in the movement of the fragrance. But I will never get past that saffron. Very nice scent but next time… save the saffron for the paella.

    16 March, 2009

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    I love this scent! I'm surprised to see the positive reviews of this here, most of the reviews I've read elsewhere criticize Play for not being avant garde enough. I think it is quite avant garde! To my nose Play smells as though someone made a pitcher of Tang and then spiced it with nutmeg and saffron before pouring the entire pitcher onto a flaming piece of plastic leaving an orange spiced melted mass of god-knows-what. I love it.

    04 September, 2008

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