Enslaved (2007)
    by Roja Dove

    • Launched: 2007
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 4

    Based on 28 ratings
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    Enslaved Fragrance Notes

    Enslaved information

    Enslaved is a unisex fragrance by Roja Dove. The scent was launched in 2007

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    Italy Italy

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    Enslaved by Roja Dove is basically a sort of watered down, pale rip-off of a prototypical dark feminine chypre halfway Cuir de Russie, Shalimar without the vanilla note, and above all Habanita by Molinard, to which Enslaved is almost identical with an infinitely less appealing texture and power. If you are familiar with such type of scents, the composition is probably already clear to you: a (pretending-to-be) sumptuous, austere, dark, classy and sophisticated leathery chypre, dirtied by a frame exuding animalicness, lusciousness, smoke, heavy herbal notes, humid decadent flowers, earthy-mossy notes, a general gloominess mixed with a heavenly, powdery and soapy cloud of brighter flowers light and dark, innocence and sin (and bla, bla, bla). As a perfume itself, it's nice, decently rich, and you can smell all its efforts to show some of the power of classic chypres which it takes its inspiration from; but with today's materials and approach to perfumery, it's quite a hard goal. However, as I said, it's nice: at a completely insane and megalomaniac price, but nice. My personal advice would be... try it if you want, but look for the classic, and leave alone such derivative copycats.


    30th July, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Unconventional Oriental

    Enslaved (Parfum concentration) is an "unconventional Oriental". Oriental? Yes, but an head almost Chypre, whitout being a Chypre. There is a strange complexity, fascinating, which whisks you way; but it's smooth and dense like a balm.
    Enslaved refers to the mind many masterpieces of the past, touches them, but goes beyond. A smooth geranium in top with hints of carnation (after the radiant light of the citrus) that could be L'Origan by Coty. A leathery heart with Jasmine of Grasse which is warmed by Cedarwood with its waxy-milky hand in place of the cloying Sandalwood. A rich Heliotropian-Vetiver with nuances of Vanilla and Ambregris that suggest an Habanita with reflection of Shalimar and Heure Blue.
    For me, an enigmatic masterpiece, certainly controversial... but that reverses the Oriental concept in a mix of dissonances that make it sparkling.

    26 May, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Agreed. A better Habanita. Which makes it good.

    23 June, 2012

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    Spain Spain

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    This scent is like a dream come true...every beautiful note I love is here...

    I shall have to give it a few more wearings this summer before I write a formal review...

    10th June, 2011 (Last Edited: 01st January, 2014)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I think Enslaved smells more like Shalimar than the more fruity Habanita. It has a dated, dusty feel to me and I certainly don't get any complexity. Get Shalimar instead.

    30th December, 2010

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    Austria Austria

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    I really do not understand why this is not given more attention and praise. I own and love Habanita (EdT and Parfum Extrait), but one has to be fair. Compare Enslaved EdP with Habanita EdT and you have to admit that Habanita smells cheap, which is okay as I don't think it would be appropriate that it smelled too much of luxury and so forth given the idea behind it. The comparison with Habanita Parfum Extrait is difficult. Enslaved EdP is very close, indeed. However, I think Enslaved is a touch "warmer" and does not have this subtle green note (galbanum?) that runs through Habanita. Again, I am not a 100 % sure whether Habanita Parfum smells of quality all through. In the end, Enslaved manages to be a touch less ladylike, which I have come to appreciate. Then, think of the price difference as Enslaved is the EdP! Enslaved has good, noticeable but not offensive sillage, incredible longevity (even with my unforgiving skin chemistry), smells heavenly good and of quality ingredients! What more do you want?

    24 July, 2010

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