Anvers 2 (2007)
    by Ulrich Lang

    Anvers 2 Fragrance Notes

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    Iran Iran

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    A pleasant, safe and to be honest generic scent that has a decent quality and very nice overall smell.
    The opening is a semi fresh citrusy scent with a little amount of black pepper, some green notes and tonka bean.
    It's tart and fresh with some green notes from cypress and there is enough amount of tonka bean here to give the scent a creamy sweet and a little bitter feeling.
    I can smell black pepper as well but it's very smooth and only stay with the scent for about 10 minutes and then it's gone.
    As time goes by the scent gets a little more sweet and now floral notes, specially rose kick in.
    I can no longer smell citruses, green notes and black pepper but instead vetiver says hello to us in this part.
    While we have a smooth sweet floral smell in the mid, the vetiver note give the scent an earthy and rooty feeling which is very nice.
    There is some woods in here too but it's completely in the background. doesn't even have a chance!
    In the base the floral note gets weaker and I can smell sweet tonka bean with a little bitter feeling and some rose and some woods in the background.
    Projection is OK and longevity is around 4-6 hours on my skin.
    I believe this fragrance could be perfectly a unisex fragrance.

    30th January, 2014

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    Australia Australia

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    Sweet, leathery fragrance which; and I know this sounds silly, but this is how it is; smells "hot" to me.

    There's honey, soft leather, and a lot of spice. Anvers 2 is complex, yet understated.

    An addition to my permanent collection.

    13 October, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    If the advertising is to be believed Ulrich Lang’s Anvers 2 is a veritable pyramid slut with its notes of bergamot, lime, lemon, black pepper, wild basil, rhubarb and cypress, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, lily, mimosa, blond woods (cedarwood and sandalwood), vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, musk, amber, olibanum and oakmoss.

    Indeed, it is diverse and protean. But there's a pecking order too, with rhubarb foremost, followed by a cosy tobacco accord, and jasmine not far behind.

    Anvers 2 impresses at first for possessing so much fruity-floral-leather get-up-and-go, but after an hour I'm bored by its vagueness.

    13 July, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Certainly not terrible but I'd be curious to know what kinds of guys would wear this on a regular basis. Perhaps young guys, the ones that can afford it and know about it. It's soft and sweet, with a light cherry tobacco type of note dominating the drydown. I guess it's reasonably natural but this smell does not come across as something I'd ever come across in nature, so to me it doesn't have the kind of "naturalness" I'm seeking. I prefer something that's clearly "synthetic" smelling, such as Magnetism for Men. This is the kind of fragrance I avoid so I don't know how "objective" I can be otherwise. If you want a cheap version of this, consider Samba Red for Men, which I already have and almost never have any interest in wearing. I'll give it a neutral because I can't say it's "bad."

    12 February, 2011

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    United States United States

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    I glanced at Anvers 2's pyramid awhile back and almost ran away without looking back. I tend to dislike "everything but the kitchen sink" scents. They usually come across as an unfocused mess of notes in disarray. Looking at the pyramid, Anvers 2 should fall into this category.

    Thankfully, it does not. I was convinced to get a sample after reading Off-Scenter's excellent review, in which he alludes to the simplicity/complexity paradox of Anvers 2.

    In short, he is right. It is complex, but never bludgeons your nose with chaos like, say, Antidote. Anvers 2 reveals a whiff of greens here, florals there, tobacco, pepper, woods, amber and more. This concoction should collapse under its own weight and project a swampy, dismal cloud. But instead, it's an agile, cat-like fragrance. None of the elements conflict. Light on their feet, they dance around each other, perfectly synchronized.

    Anvers 2 manages to smell rich, fresh and ethereal all at once, and it's a great experience for almost any occasion.

    09 August, 2010

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Sweet, woody, rich and almost pipe tobacco in the drydown. A vast improvement to Anvers 1, which is ok but a bit bland. If the fragrances are improving the higher the numbers get I am going to buy Anvers 3 blind.

    04 March, 2010

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