Shiloh (2006)
    by Hors Là Monde

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    Shiloh Fragrance Notes

    Shiloh information

    Shiloh is a unisex fragrance by Hors Là Monde. The scent was launched in 2006

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    50ml EdP

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    United States United States

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    For me, the overall impression of this fragrance was of soft, powdery rose and sharp cedar. The foundation of this faint powder and dainty, almost green, rose is always contrasted by a sharp wood (or in the case of the opening, by a sparking and sharp lemon citrus blast).

    This contrast is continued in the base, where powder gives way to dusty patchouli and warmed with soft vanilla. Insence is used as the contrast there, to offset the rounded soft notes with an edge.

    Sharp vs. dainty, all the way through. I loved the blending of this fragrance. I'm not a rose and wood fan, but I apploud the deft use of these individual notes to compose a lovely fragrance.

    It is light, never heavy, and interesting.

    24th August, 2012

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    Poland Poland

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    That is quite an unusuall fragnance. It reminds me of sparkling white wine - not the sweet dessert type - but fresh, mineral and well cooled one. There is a lot of space and air .

    After the opening it gets a little warmer with a touch of rose, but the notes are well blended together and nothing stands out too much.

    I might be really happy if it stayed a little longer on my skin - for me it is 4 hours max.

    27th March, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    Maybe something is wrong with me...this smells like an unholy patchouli chemical mess on me. The rose makes a valiant attempt to rise beyond a straight jacket of harsh citric notes while a nail polish meets patchouli laughs evilly the while. There is you can't help but witness the spectacle. I just don't get it.

    14th January, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Woody and bittersweet. Citrusy floral in the opening. Quite a remarkable combination of accords from both Chanel no. 5 style aldehydes and classic chypre structures. The herbal textures with cedar really are pronounced on me and the airy sandalwood base is long and enduring. Part of me thinks that this is a spicier and woodier original L'Interdit. Very nice and I'd give it a thumbs up if the sandalwood wasn't do dull.

    08th May, 2009

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    United States United States

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    Something in it goes crazy when this scent hits my skin – If there are aldehydes in it, they are probably the culprits... this is not the way aldehydes usually react on me. It’s schreechy and something immediately smells a little nail polish remover and a lot unscented hairspray – with sparkles. The accord I smell is not terrible or even annoying, but it is quite uninspiring. Eventually, the fragrance does a heroic attempt to exhibit its rose and cedar and woods – this is unsuccessful to my nose because I get only a muffled rose and wood accord under that layer of hairspray. It seems that I am smelling the fragrance though a filter. I can tell that there are some very nice things going on under the hair spray veil, but they are muted and distant. I get almost no projection from Shiloh, but its longevity seems pretty good. Mind you, I find nothing wrong with the fragrance itself… It seems quite well made and refined under that strange veil… I think Tovah is right when she says that this is the kind of fragrance that has to “work with one’s chemistry.” It doesn’t work with mine.

    12th November, 2008

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    United States United States

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    It's certainly beautiful, but it's just too powdery. I love the rose, but if you're a person who finds fragrances going sweet or powdery or a bit too old, this one isn't for you. I was hoping that the bergamot, patchouli, sandlewood, etc., would override, but they don't. On the other hand, it is very rose-scented and pretty.

    08th November, 2008

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