Deseo for Men (2008)
    by Jennifer Lopez

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    Good Juice... Needs to last longer...

    I am not a huge fan of J-Lo, but wanted to try this juice. Not too shabby..!! The reviews on Basenotes are critical, but Amazon are quite positive - what is the real deal..?? The deal is that this juice is unique - yeah, I hear those "na-sayers" that it is a run of the mill spicy woodsy scent, but there is something different here. I generally am not a fan of the spicy woodsy fragrances, but I will wear this routinely.

    Deseo comes out of the gates with a blend of clean and fresh citrus/floral and then hits you with the woodsy notes and finishes there. The fragrance fades fairly quickly, barely detectable at five (5) hours but at skin level just after about 2-3 hours. Early projection and sillage is positive, then you guessed it, fading after that.. Sweetie gives credence to the Wow Factor, strongly complimenting/endorsing Deseo, which works for me - I should stipulate she is fond of the woodsy fragrances (me - I prefer the aquatic citrus fragrances...)

    I would also offer that Deseo is appropriate for any time of year and any occasion - it's versatility/flexibility is a selling point. The price/value is above average - the current deal on Amazon is a little under $20 with free shipping. The bottle is uniquely designed, but a bit awkward to hold and spray - the packaging is above average.

    My evaluation of Deseo is 4 stars out of 5 stars. It is a cool fragrance and run of the mill for celebrity endorsements. It fades a little too quickly for me to rate higher. It is a long way to the top if you want to rock-n-roll...

    01st December, 2012

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    Brazil Brazil

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    Starts with a sweet fruity opening , and to me is very similar to Kenneth Cole ‘Reaction’ with some tobacco in the background (very subtle) , but after 1 hour takes place a harsh citrus. After this I give it up!
    It’s highly synthetic … sorry J. Lo

    18 June, 2011

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    Deseo for Men makes me think of a weaker and leatherless Michael Kors Men with the red spiciness of Bigelow Co. Elixir Red (A moot comparison, as I doubt many have tried that). Fake-as-hell spicy-fruity scent with an underpinning of dry-as-bones wood. Does not seem to last long, but there's nothing wrong with it otherwise. Very much a sexy summer evening out scent.

    06 April, 2011

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    England England

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    Meh. Decent. Would personally NEVER buy a celeb frag but this was a Christmas gift. Nice woody notes thoughout with a touch of sweetness to it. But the woods certainly win the battle here. At least on my skin. Doesn't have awesome staying power. But for the price it's available for, it is what it is.

    Nice, will wear every so often, but probably won't spend my own cash on it.

    19 January, 2011

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    OMG! I believe I referred to 'Lagerfeld Classic' as the most disgusting thing I have ever smelled on a man, but I am afraid I am going to have revoke this 'honor'.

    'Deseo', *you* are the NEW, reigning "Disgusto" men's scent. EEWWWEW! YUK!

    You know that not-for-everybody, plasticy, rancid-prunes accord in Angel and Lempicka fragrances? Well, imagine it mimicked 'on the cheap' and made even more putrid and challenging to the bile ducts! (I literally do have a twinging release of bile or something occur in my jaw upon smelling this note, it's weird.) But in Deseo for men, it' so prominent and so distorted, I feel outright ill. It ultimately disspates into a bad-quality, chlorinated aquatic -- less interesting than the Axe line's offerings. And the 'sour prunes' really hang in there and wax noxious.

    I thought about what I might say to man wearing this.. It would be wrong to say nothing; it's like the emperor's new clothes! Someone is having a laugh!

    And the bottle! Some perilous, 'darke' power stone, ready to unleash evile, eternal pestilence upon mortals...

    Why was this made??

    02 November, 2009

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    United States United States

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    This is ok, not good not bad average at best worth a try. I recieved it as a gift and barely use it but I'm happy that i have it longevity and sillage are good.

    09 July, 2009

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