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Mister (2007)
by Jasper Conran


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseJasper Conran
Parent CompanyEuropean Designer Productions

About Mister

Mister is a masculine fragrance by Jasper Conran. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Mister

Im actually wearing this right now and I love it ! I agree its a very distinguished scent I love the boozy scent from this and the drydown is fantastic - great longevity as well and this is definately one of my favourites

thumbs up !
09th October, 2009
This one definitely has a retro vibe to it. It is fairly interesting and unique scent, actually. It is also very complex with lots of development and different kind of phases.

Starts out with very strong mixture of patchouli together with cold, fresh greens (herbs).

The basic smell (that phase that lasts longer and creates an actual theme to this scent) reminds me very much of YSL`s Jazz (Prestige) that decided to turn Chypre.
Dry waxy geraniums together with sturdy tobacco-woody undertone.

The late hours of drydown creates a surprisingly sweet and warm ambery smell that reminds me of the base of some proper oriental fragrance. It almost has a vanillic feel to it at this moment.

I have worn this twice from a sample and although I think itís very interesting, for some mysterious reason I didnít feel that it would fit my personal desires after all.

Still, recommend for any men to try. And the presentation of this scent is very neat if you ask me.
30th July, 2009
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The official notes for this are: pelargonium, basil, Artemisia, tonka, patchouli, timber, musk and tobacco. When I first encountered Mister by Jasper Conran I didn't like it. But there was something about it that fascinated me and kept pulling me back. It is now a FB purchase and on regular rotation with me.

I absolutely love it actually. It's very male and has an amazing and unusual drydown which makes for compulsive sniffing. It has a boozy sweet-but-bitter opening which I really like, which smooths out with a vaguely floral yet still boozy drydown rich in patchouli and tobacco. It also has fantastic longevity and projection. Not many other fragrances smell like this. Considering the prices you can buy this for in many High St and discount retailers, it represents a bargain if you ask me for a really great fragrance which if you blind tested it you would swear was from a more prestigious niche house.

I don't get the disinfectant accord someone else noted.

I think it smells distinctive, elegant and classy. Recommended.
19th June, 2009
Opens up like L'Anarchiste minus the "ashtray" accord that a few mention. Very fruity and has tonka bean in the drydown. When I read the name and designer I thought that it would be a discontinued 80's type of scent from an unheardof (by me) designer. Seeing that it's a more recent release I feel that it's a retro style scent. The tonka bean and a wood accord is a huge player in this overall gentleman's cologne.
05th April, 2009
It was cheap so I gave it a to say it's a bit of an aquired taste this one and although I do agree that initially it's a bit 'disinfectiny' and almost stripped the lining of my nose on the first smelling....I, kinda like it.It gradually settles down quite nice on me and reminds me a lot of tumulte,although mister is definitely the more potent.
16th October, 2008
dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have just got a bottle of this cheap.When it first goes on the skin it smells very sharp,and like a cheap bottle of EDT (you know the difference),but I am confused now,because as it's drying down,it reminds me of another scent,but I cannot place it.I gave my wrists a decent squirt,and rubbed it in,and I can smell the scent at distance.It smells sweet,a bit like liquorice,with flowery/patchouli definitely there.I really cannot make my mind up.I suggest getting a tester spray,or trying a friends first to make up your own mind.It's not altogether unpleasant,but I cannot imagine me going out for the evening wearing this.Maybe a lighter coating may be ok....???
27th August, 2008

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