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SoCal Cologne (2007)
by Hollister


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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About SoCal Cologne

SoCal Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Hollister. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of SoCal Cologne

Interesting cause one of a kind, I get angular and dry fruity notes, an undiscernible sort of humid edible element from the wood, woody resins, malt, coconut, bark, sweet musk, patchouli and soft suede. Cozy and "country side type". A teenager in leather jacket "at saloon" kind of fragrance. Southern? Yes, may be. Tropical? Naa.
P.S: recently I've tested Iceberg Man which smells in its dry down almost identical to SoCal Cologne on my skin.
03rd December, 2017 (last edited: 11th January, 2018)
I think I would like SoCal more if I tried it years ago.

This basically opens up the same as Diesel Only The Brave Wild, or CK One Summer 2014. Lots of sugary pineapple giving off the pina colada vibe. There could be coconut there as well. A soft suede dry down, which approaches quick in the mid, before a soft vanilla base.

I'd like it more if it were stronger. This is an EDC and it performs like one. It doesn't project much, it doesn't last more than 2 hours, and I find myself reapplying it all day. It smells like a good suntan lotion really.

I do like it smell wise, better than the other 2 mentioned, because this one actually has an oriental vibe due to the vanilla dry down. Well blended.

Neutral from performance. Spend a little more.. or maybe a little less since Hollister "cologne" prices are highly inflated. Get one of the other 2 mentioned, get better performance.
29th January, 2017
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United Kingdom
So if you have been inside a Hollister store you have sampled this fragrance. I really enjoyed the scent while I had it but did not feel the need to replace. This suited me because I bought it in the U.S at a time before Hollister opened its stores here in the U.K so I was one of the only ones wearing it. The fragrance satisfied my sweet tooth and had a kind of beachy/coconut/cocoa vibe going on. Anyway it's a thumbs up from me because it served its purpose for a time and I still find it to be a pleasant smell.
04th March, 2016
This doesn't smell bad, but you will smell like 50% of high school boys in my area lol. They spray the store with the stuff and if you walk in the store its like a punch to the face. Kind of annoying.
26th May, 2014
Fairly strong, especially in warmer weather (remember, Hollister is all about beaches and hot weather). Quite sweet and woody. Unfortunately, anyone who wears it will be compared to the store, which is hard to respond to (they spray this scent around the store to the point that you need a gas mask). But ladies, and guys for that matter, love the scent! A relaxed fragrance for those in high school or college!
02nd February, 2014
My very first thought when I first tried SoCal was: "Christmas!", immediately - because of three things:
1. It smelled like pine needles.
2. It reminded me of Davidoff Cool Water Game which I received as a Christmas gift last year;
3. It was December already.
It's not a simple cologne by no means. It's fresh, but its freshness comes from cedar and pine. Then it's sweet but just in the right measure with pineapple, pear or I don't know what, this is the part that reminded me of Coll Water Game.
Then after a while an amber/vanilla accord comes on stage to surprise me completely. It's a complex scent with many faces, you could call it woody, fruity, almost oriental in the dry down.
(Dry down is actually the part that really surprised me with its almost gourmand presence, still accompanied by woods)
It evokes a beautiful picture of a beach with some clouds, driftwood on the shore, then a warm house with a view to the ocean. Not sporty, not cheap-smelling, it succeeds to be light and cozy at the same time. It's the type of perfume you would choose if you had to choose just one bottle for all places.
24th December, 2010

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