Twill Rose (2007)
by Les Parfums de Rosine


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Twill Rose

Twill Rose is a masculine fragrance by Les Parfums de Rosine. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Twill Rose

Genre: Leather

I’m with PigeonMurderer on this one: what I get is mostly a powdery green rose with some spices and a touch of cedar wood in the base, and not the rose and animalic leather accord I had expected. The green rose at Twill Rose’s heart is OK, but I don’t think it the equal of Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans l’Eau. Twill Rose doesn’t project much for me, and it’s also highly ephemeral, which is to say, gone within an hour. Something of a disappointment, I’m afraid.
06th July, 2014
A porcine, polyester-clad pimp with slicked back hair, picking the gristle from his capped teeth with a grubby fingernail. But wait, you say, he's still a person, worthy of a shred of our respect. Maybe, but this cheap hair oil pretending to be a perfume ain't.
08th June, 2012
The description of this as rose poivree minus the civet and with the substitution of cumin from below is dead-on. All i would like to add is that this small difference is not an improvement; and to make matters worse, the cumin is way too strong.
27th February, 2012
I tried it twice, several days apart. Eh... it's just a basic rose fragrance. Not notably animalic, and not particularly "masculine" either.

I used to have a bottle of Perry Ellis Portfolio for Women that I used as an air freshener in my bathroom. That's what Twill Rose reminds me of.

I can't imagine many men buying Twill Rose, or many women envying it. Unless they can't find Portfolio for Women.

13th July, 2011
How very sexist of Rosine to designate this as a men's rose scent and then to make it harsh, synthetic AND boring. Is there a message here? This stuff smells like a rose-scented soap in the kind of hotel populated by down-and-out traveling salesmen. A poor performance by these supposed rose specialists, who already flunked on Rose d'Homme. Rose for men? You need to spend some apprentice time with the boys - you know, Domenico, Washington, and that Czech dude from No. 88.
20th March, 2009
Animalic?? Well, not to me atleast. Just pure, fresh synthetic rose with few dabs of cumin thrown along. Sharp but well balanced, long lasting unisex floral.

Something like if you removed the civet from Rose Poivree and add some cumin instead. Very pleasant, and I admit it stinks just a bit, but still...animalic animalic ?? (like TS put it)

A bit better than another rose for men by this company, Rose d'Homme, but I definitely don`t need this one either. There are SO much better masculine/unisex roses available.
14th September, 2008

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