Private Collection - Bois Blond (2006)
    by Parfumerie Generale

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    Private Collection - Bois Blond Fragrance Notes

    Private Collection - Bois Blond information

    Private Collection - Bois Blond is a men's fragrance by Parfumerie Generale. The scent was launched in 2006

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    50ml EdP

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    Italy Italy

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    Despite one's personal taste, I think it's undeniable that Pierre Guillame have been responsible of some of the most peculiar/original/sophisticated accords in contemporary perfumery and Bois Blond is a great example of his visionary approach to fragrances.

    A striking concoction of hay, wheat and other undefined green notes surrounded by a smooth yet absolutely remarkable woody presence. I would classify Bois Blond as a bittersweet composition in which extremely bitter notes such as galbanum and grass are juxtaposed to the warm, summery vibe provided by wheat and hay. The woods are definitely there and increase the juxtaposition effect by providing both a smoky quality and great smoothness to an otherwise austere fragrance. Slight ambery undertones softens the base with some sweetness. An extremely original composition which is at the same time, easy to wear and very unique. I just wished it was a tad more potent. Maybe not PG's masterpiece yet very, very nice.

    30th December, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I was expecting light, warm wood. But to my nose, this was more about hay with some warm amber and tobacco notes to blend it out. This is a sunshine scent, bright but with warmth that settles on your skin and brings comfort and a smile. It opens with hay note to me, the edge brought by the faintest cedar. Cedar is a tough note for me, as I do not often like it's sharpness. But here, the cedar was never sharp. It just added some additional color to the blond feel. The hay was a mix of baked gold hay and new green hay, a beguiling mix. After about 10 -15 min the tobacco, cedar, hay mix settled in. Slowly the amber rises up, but never sweet or cloying. Some musk rounded it out. And there it sat for the next 3-4 hours, cooing to me.

    To me, this is a spring or late summer scent, when sunshine warms it up and allows your mind to go where Bois Blond is trying to take you. It is slightly woody and fieldy, but never straying into stems and white flower territory. Just some good ole fashion roll in the hay vibes, laughing and feeling easy in your warm skin! I loved this!

    15th May, 2011

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    United States United States

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    This is listed as an EDP I believe, but it is neither concentrated nor long lasting, though perhaps I applied my sample too lightly. It is a pleasant enough fragrance. Something in it reminds me of Penhaligons Elixir and Costes 1 . At first I thought there was some rose hiding in here somewhere. But probably not. It is a sweetened light amber/cedar with cinnamon and/or other spices thrown in. Very sweet, perhaps dandyish for a man to wear, but mellow. Not my thing really. I do not get anything unpleasant from this, unlike some other reviewers. I just wouldn't wear it. Worth trying, I guess, it just doesn't excite me in any way.

    03rd March, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Dried fish, sour greens, dry AND sweet (how the heck is that even possible?)? I don't know what previous reviewers were smelling but Bois Blond was not it.
    This is one of my favorites. It reminds me of braided sweet grass used in shamanistic rituals by Native Americans.
    Fresh cut hay is a predominate note in this followed by tobacco, wood and amber.
    It really pushes the boundaries of what a fragrance should be. It introduces those willing to break free from their fragrance bonds of what a "normal" fragrance is to a very unique and nostalgic trip back to the days of walking parched grassy fields on a hot Summer day.

    10th September, 2009

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    Canada Canada

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    I find this to be a beautiful scent - it reminds of dry grass on a warm summer evening. It's not much more complicated than that to my nose, but it captures a memory of a certain time and place perfectly for me.

    10th September, 2009

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    Serbia Serbia

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    lovely. very nice.

    lasts for five minutes TOPS.

    would I give $120 for 50ml (a bottle would be gone within a week. I swear it is THAT discrete) - not even if I had money to burn!

    11th July, 2009

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