Niki de Saint Phalle (1982)
by Niki de Saint Phalle


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Year of Launch1982
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Niki de Saint Phalle is a feminine perfume by Niki de Saint Phalle. The scent was launched in 1982

Reviews of Niki de Saint Phalle

Chanel No 19 when she lets down her hair from the tight bun, takes off her glasses, kicks off the boardroom bitch stilettos, has a shot of liqueur and dances wildly.
26th October, 2015
This may well be one of the most seriously beautiful perfumes I have ever smelled. I was prepared for all sorts of weird things and for having to get used to it before liking it but nope, first sniff hooked me. I was most afraid of the artemisia, but nothing harsh at all in this! Not even green smelling, in the sense of lots I've smelled, though it does conjure a forest feeling. The sweetness, not at all sugary, surprised and delighted me. This was a delight from start to finish....but there's the rub. Within 15 minutes I had to press my nose into my flesh to smell this beauty. And gorgeous as it is, and cheap as it is, I still expect (and require) the ability to smell my perfume without trying this hard.
Will I buy more? Yes I will, great vats of it if possible. But it's a shame that the best thing I ever smelled in my life is so faint. I'll just have to apply huge amounts very often....not a problem at this price point. And absolutely essential....can't go without this smell now. It smells like nature....but nature with no spiders, no bears and despite the lovely blue glass bottle, no snakes.
14th July, 2015
Disclaimer: As my name indicates, I am an untrained nose. So, no technical description of notes, sillage, etc.

This is one of my favourite fragrances when I want to feel sexy and womanly. Warm, almost animalistic, very sensual. In me, it smells like a lover's embrace. Comforting and at the same time risqué.

I do not own it (yet!) but my mother owns it and since she first bought it in the late 80s (she's on the second bottle) occasionally (or now many times when I visit) I dab it on my wrists for the sheer pleasure of smelling it.
02nd August, 2014
Barbara Herman describes this a heavy, green floral chypre, sour, fruity and intense.

This is totally accurate, according to my nose. There is something very earthy in the warm base, possibly the cedar. The combo of lime and peach on top is something new - sharp and attention-getting.

As a scent of this type it is well done, but did not overly delight me. Surprising that it was the only scent that came out of this house.

Top notes: Marigold, Artemesia, Peach, Bergamot, Spearmint, Lime
Heart notes: Jasmine, Rose, Carnation, Orris, Ylang, Cedar, Patchouli
Base notes: Oakmoss, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Olibanum, Leather, Amber, Musk
25th July, 2014
Mid-1980's, I was a redhead, drove a red Karmann Ghia, and wore a chunky, over-sized, teal colored sweater and would douse myself in Niki de Saint Phalle. Thing is, I still like it. I rediscovered it in my hidden away stash recently and have now brought it front and center. It IS chypre (and I am such a sucker for chypres) but, my friends, it is the carnation which does it for me: warm & spicy yet still a floral somehow. I get the orris root (slight) and the citrus (faint) & the oak moss & patchouli but it is the carnation which is its heart and soul. Read a comparison between Niki de St. Phalle & Chanel 19 (another favorite dear to my heart) but I don't get it: This is sultry & full without 19's graceful dry down. Here the carnation silage remains pronounced and its longevity is - ah, I now recall my youthful hesitation- impressive. This scent demands commitment & confidence, traits I could not claim as a young redhead who drove a red Karmann Ghia.
30th October, 2013
Based on a few reviews, I thought I would try this scent. Maybe the product had turned in the unopened bottle. When I tried it, it smelled dry, stale, dusty and remained very intense. Reminded me of old lady stale sachet. I tossed it.
29th October, 2012

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