Niki de Saint Phalle (1982)
    by Niki de Saint Phalle

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    Mid-1980's, I was a redhead, drove a red Karmann Ghia, and wore a chunky, over-sized, teal colored sweater and would douse myself in Niki de Saint Phalle. Thing is, I still like it. I rediscovered it in my hidden away stash recently and have now brought it front and center. It IS chypre (and I am such a sucker for chypres) but, my friends, it is the carnation which does it for me: warm & spicy yet still a floral somehow. I get the orris root (slight) and the citrus (faint) & the oak moss & patchouli but it is the carnation which is its heart and soul. Read a comparison between Niki de St. Phalle & Chanel 19 (another favorite dear to my heart) but I don't get it: This is sultry & full without 19's graceful dry down. Here the carnation silage remains pronounced and its longevity is - ah, I now recall my youthful hesitation- impressive. This scent demands commitment & confidence, traits I could not claim as a young redhead who drove a red Karmann Ghia.

    30th October, 2013

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    Based on a few reviews, I thought I would try this scent. Maybe the product had turned in the unopened bottle. When I tried it, it smelled dry, stale, dusty and remained very intense. Reminded me of old lady stale sachet. I tossed it.

    29 October, 2012

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    Review of Vintage EDT:

    Upon first application, vintage NdSP, is dominated by clean orris root, powdery oakmoss and a hint of citrus. After an hour heart notes briefly appear in whispers of scent: rose and carnation are the only two I can decipher. Finally at about 1 1/2 hours after application this scent dries down to an fantastic warm cedar, surprisingly gentle leather, powdery oakmoss and musky scent.

    My personal impressions of are of clean, chic refinement and elegance. I feel the richness of the patchouli underneath the more prominent notes, but I don't actually smell it.

    Sillage: about 15 feet
    Longevity: 10 hours on my skin
    Overall Rating and Feel: 9/10. I wouldn't call this fragrance "green". Rather its character is clean, powdery, and woody refinement. Unbelievably well blended, it ALMOST wears the same from start to finish. Wearable by both sexes IMO. There is something very swoon worthy about the way this smells. This is the perfect scent to wear to an event where you want to stand out in a crowd in a good way.

    30th October, 2011

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    What a dark, creamy and absolutely devine smell this is. Despite the negative reviews I bought this unsniffed - and I'm so glad I did.
    I got an aquarious bottle from the Zodiac series. Instead of Eau de toilette it's named Eau Defendue. It's rich and oily and worth each penny: USdollars 29,99 for a 2 oz bottle. It's a true bargain.
    Go and get a bottle - If you dislike the juice I'm sure you'll enjoy the beautiful artistic bottle. It's a win-win situation!

    23 September, 2011

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    Niki de Saint Phalle and Chanel no 19 don't seem
    too different from each other they both have the
    simular sharp green opening although no 19 stays
    cool and crisp, Niki dries warm and reisenious
    with Leather and patches of Civet Niki is a warmer
    and extroverted cousin to No 19 with it's cold cypre
    like wet grass and dry oakmoss comes to show you that
    every Oriental and greens are a Indivual.

    12 February, 2011

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    I thought I’d love this fragrance. Dark green chypre . I’d read a lot of comments from fans. Risky. Strange. Exciting. Maybe the parfum is different, but I only know the edt. NdSP hits the notes I should love (green, mossy, bitter) but doesn’t really do anything with them. The top notes are strong, but indistinct. As it evolves, NdSP starts to seem more unsteady. It’s got some of the right stuff, but what seems like haphazard composition and uneven editing make it seem both out of proportion and simple at the same time. The seams are showing. Not long into its evolution, it gets patchier and then falls apart, and oddly, the only interesting parts ---the bitterness, really (moss, tagetes)---fade and a vague resinous sweetness remains.

    Proof that we’re not blind fans of any particular genre and that artistry in composition matters.

    18 December, 2010

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