Caldey Island Lavender (1959)
    by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

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    Caldey Island Lavender information

    Caldey Island Lavender is a unisex fragrance by Caldey Abbey Perfumes. The scent was launched in 1959

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    It just smells like a realistic pure Lavender and less medicinal than other typical lavenders. There isn’t much sillage as expected. There is a slight green natural floral leafiness and grassiness to it that makes it charming. It stays close to the skin and is excellent. It really smells of a pastoral setting almost like you’re outside in a country road near a lavender crop. This is really beautiful. There’s a slight musk basenote. It's my favourite lavender but unfortunately I can only import a roll on so I'll have to find a replacement.

    23rd November, 2014 (Last Edited: 22nd November, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Floral

    Lavender, pure and simple. Or is that Florida orange juice? (Egads – I’ve just aged myself!)

    Oh yes, back to the fragrance: Caldey Island lavender is the soft, simple essence of lavender, unencumbered by the civet and vanilla that flesh out my two benchmark lavender fragrances, Jicky and Caron Pour un Homme. This is the scent I get when I rub a freshly plucked stalk of summer lavender and rub it on my bare arm, and hence ideal when the real thing is out of season.

    11th June, 2014

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    I have to admit I have only worn this one a few times - and yes, I bought it on the back of the Turin review.

    The EDT came in a simple glass bottle with no atomiser. I don't like "dabbing" fragrances onto my skin so I decanted part of the contents into a new bottle with atomiser and use this to apply the scent.

    The initial scent of lavender is the purest I have smelt - outside of a lavender field, of course. But its not that far from Caron's Pour un Homme. If you love lavender, like I do, then the first hour is great. It very quickly fades though - as lavender tends to.

    At first I found this one hour of pleasure unsatisfactory - in terms of longevity. However, having worn a few times since I have come to enjoy the quiet musk dry down that is revealed after the lavender has diminished. It is very faint but lasts for six hours or more; occassional wafts of a gentle and sweet musk. The remnants of the lavender seem to sweeten the musk. I now look forward to this stage more than the initial lavender phase.

    Apart from the initial top notes, this is a very subtle fragrance. It has low projection and intensity. The majority of the beautiful lavender is gone within an hour. However, what is left works very well for me. Only recommended for people who can enjoy skin scents. I will always keep a bottle in my fragrance collection.

    30th March, 2014

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    I expected to like this as I'm a big fan of Caron pour un homme, I read the Luca Turin 5-star review and like lavender scents in general... but I can't stand it.

    The lavender is nice enough but doesn't last long before a monstrously ugly musk takes over and dominates proceedings. Unfortunately its one of those very basic, brutal laundry-style musks... in fact it smells like a big basket of laundered clothes washed in an industrial strength product.

    That's not the kind of smell I want to walk around's bad enough when other people's clothes stink of washing powder. I think it's a very crude perfume, badly constructed and can't see the attraction or understand the appeal.

    03rd March, 2014

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    Not at all what I expected, and yet far better than I could have ever hoped for. The musk and lavender present an aura of absolute serenity.

    27th December, 2012

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    A graceful, musky lavender from the monks of Caldey Island. The lavender is minty bright while the base (a musk called 'Exaltolide', according to Luca Turin) is smooth like soiled velvet. Hugo Collumbien, the creator, has managed to anchor the ephemeral lavender note without drowning it. A divine scent at a bargainous price.

    30th August, 2012

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