• Launched: 2007
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production : Limited Edition
    • Perfumer: Antoine Lie
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    8 88 Fragrance notes

    Safraline, Pepperwood, Curcuma, Coriander, Geranium, Amber

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    Dark Uncle's avatar
    Dark Uncle

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    Unique. Strangely, Mr Turin gives a muted review, but its a matter of taste I guess.
    Remains within my top five of all time. Saffron? Mmmmmm.

    11th April, 2013

    therm's avatar
    Belgium Belgium

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    Tried this last Saturday. Very interesting scent that seems to go very feminine in the dry drown. But like some of the others here, I keep smelling it back and sometimes I'm like "mmmmm, this is very nice" and five minutes later I feel like this is very empty and I don't want to smell this way. But I keep going back to give it a sniff, only therefore I am giving it a thumbs up. In a real limbo on this one.

    01st April, 2013

    iivanita's avatar
    Croatia Croatia

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    This is perfect take on geranium! Made to be scent for office , unlike joyfull PDN chic
    geranium wrapped up in saffron and incense, so it becomes unisex, but still i think its more appealing to women then men maybe,

    So well done, and beautiful scent! I bit like clouded, dry day, unlike chic, that represents sunny chearful, fresh water surrounding

    07 October, 2012

    Spoombung's avatar
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I have Man 2 and Skai from CDG - but 8 88 with it's light floral, amber heart doesn't hold my attention or interest me much in comparison with the other more distinctive scents in the range, unfortunately. Disappointing.

    12 March, 2011

    Hilaire's avatar
    Ireland Ireland

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    I like a judicious sweetness in my perfumes, and 8 88 has it in just the right amount. It smells just on the tasteful side of bubblegum, and yet has a pungency and aromatic nature which gives it character and strength which sets it apart from the horrid bubblegum and berries confections which are so common these days.

    I like the warmth and cleaness of this frangrance, and I love its soft floral heart. It's a great unisex smell for balmy summer evenings.

    29 July, 2010

    Mar Azul's avatar
    Mar Azul
    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    For me, saffron has never been a spectacular note which has much to say by its own; more of a humble, timid player, a little uncomfortable because of its cuisine relations, and behaving more like a taste than a smell in many occasions.
    And here it is, exposed, forced to be as loud and shiny as it gets. Geranium helps a lot in brightening its thick, dense quality, making it almost fresh and transparent in the beginning. Then an oriental mixture of amber, vanilla and maybe patchouli makes it warmer and really beautiful.
    Saffron is present from the beginning till end. But it's the notes that support it that hold my interest. In the end, 8 88 is a somehow tweaked oriental scent. Yet it has less presence than most orientals; it's a kind, humble friend who, although gaining attention, feels more comfort to stay in the shadow.

    13 July, 2010

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