Jubilation 25 (2007)
    by Amouage

    Jubilation 25 Fragrance Notes

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    Border between Feminine and Unisex

    This is classified as a woman's fragrance, but it falls on the line between woman and unisex.  It is (in my opinion) a  floral chypre with an opining of floral, salt, and a slight odor of sweat.  It dries down to more salt and sweat, with the spicy floral and amber making an appearance.  Oakmoss is barely there in the background.  I couldn't pull this off, but some men could.

    Pros: Rich deep complexity
    Cons: the salty perspiration note is a bit strong.

    19 May, 2013

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    It never fails to upset me when fragrances do this: they get two-thirds of the chypre structure right, from the bracing bergamot top to the perfectly judged amber middle chord, but omit--no doubt for regulatory reasons--the bitter oakmoss finale that makes chypres so distinctive and wonderful. Jubilation 25 is a textbook example of this two-thirds execution, which, even with its perfect proportions and deep meaty and peachy glow, feels frustratingly unresolved.

    11th March, 2013

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    A classic fruity chypre dressed up in the oriental style, Jubilation 25 bears more than a passing resemblance to Dior's iconic Diorella. However, whereas Diorella possessed a light and airy feel, Jubilation 25 is dense and luxurious. Here, the basic chypre structure is rounded out by the addition of copious amounts of amber, resins, balsams, and woods, resulting in a fragrance that ultimately feels substantial, but not overdone: a modern example of 'un grand parfum franšais,' produced by an Omani firm.

    17 January, 2013

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    Croatia Croatia

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    First time i ever tried it , one year ago, i could not go over those, smoky-bitter top notes, that made whole composition a mess to my nose, i was lost! Could not understand why someone would make a perfume that starts like this.Whats there to love about bitter smokes:-)

    Now a year later,this is amazingly beautiful modern scent built like a classic, complex, but without any animalic note. It starts with huge frankincense-myrrhe bitter smoky note. Its not green its so grey:-)

    It has no moss at all but because of that fresh bitterness it reminds of chypre!
    I am no fan of chypre, instead of beeing green in the dry down it turns to sweety floral creamy scent, that dances on the verge of going soapy, i love that!
    If it was mossy i am sure i would not enjoy it so much , real chypre keep the distance, remind of cold north. This one is warm feminine, dry-sweet note! And feels like a surprise,you did not expect from the start. What is modern about it :allways smell fresh! Not old lady

    This is extrait, i would also expect it lasts much longer and projects much more, but surprisingly after 5 hours only it went to almost skin scent:-) my top 3 From this house!

    17 January, 2013

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    I do like this classically-inspired 'new chypre', though I have a quibble with the ending.
    I was convinced it had oakmoss when I first tried it, so classic did it smell, with that darkness, deepness, and slight roughness that defines oakmoss. I didn't really get the fruit others mentioned, until it came in at the end. It was well- blended - I didn't really smell individual notes as much as chords, giving it more of a cohesive seamless quality. The opening was a herbal deep chypre opening, and evolved into a more floral chypre, at which point it also started becoming less dark.
    The glory of a chypre is oftentimes in the drydown, and this is where Jubilation 25 disappointed. On me it sort of dissipated and petered out, fading with hardly a whimper, becoming lighter, smoother, more floral and fruity. It has an upside down pyramid, starting dark and baselike then becoming lighter and brighter in the drydown. I like this one, but the too soon disappearance in the drydown gives me serious pause. It reminds me of another stunner which does the same on me - Mauboissin. I can't recommend J-25 unreservedly because of that, but the other parts of it are wonderful - 7.5 out of 10 stars.

    13 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 25 March, 2013)

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    Italy Italy

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    I will never get to understand why Amouage feminines are so overlooked. They're perfectly unisex, often better than the masculine versions and absolutely stunning. Jubilation 25 makes no exception.

    I always loved this fragrance but, lately, it is becoming one of my favorite deliveries by the Onani firm. A fruity chypre that clearly speaks of classicism, of old-school french perfumery and continuely winking at pillars of the past such as Cristelle, Mitsouko and, yes, Diorella. But when you think it's all about a floral-fruity chypre, a thick, humongous and estremely dry incense-ambery-woody base comes in to play reminding that skills in perfumery are almost everything. Jubilation 25 is perfectly able to conjugate two types of perfumery (french and oriental) into a single language. Two completely different fragrances living together in one composition with absolutely no stridency.

    To anyone who like classic, rich, complex perfumery, I can't imagine Jubilation 25 not being part of their wardrobes. Outstanding longevity and powerful sillage. Mandatory.

    15 November, 2012 (Last Edited: 16 November, 2012)

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