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Jubilation XXV (2007)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Jubilation XXV

Jubilation XXV is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Reviews of Jubilation XXV

I don't venture into the realms of the niche very often outside my beloved barbershop houses, but this is mainly because I'd rather spend the same money on a nice vintage. It's not that I discredit niche perfumers, as many of them are the same ones who make designer and drugstore scents for their respective clients, it's just the most-commonly-found niche marketing pushes the concept of "you get what you pay for" and I am at odds with that, since many of these creations have comparable performance to their "lower caste" competitors, and the culture of elitism that is engendered by the fans of houses marketed this way. Without going on too much of a tangent, it's the same elitism found in car culture (import vs. domestic, luxury vs sport etc), and gamer culture (PC master race vs console kiddie etc), so it's more or less the reinforcement of Human nature's banal side. With that having been said, some houses do seem to be worth their salt both in artistry and quality materials, since a perfumer, regardless of their past client portfolio, will ultimately do better if given a larger pool of resources and have no restraints placed on them based on marketability, which was the original point of niche houses in the beginning. I feel Amouage gets this, especially since their creations usually transcend trend and time, pulling from ideas past and present. Plus, their fragrances are 2 to 3 times the average designer, but not the price of a used Toyota, actually backing up that price with their objective quality. On this note, it must be said that like most niche scents, Amouage Jubilation XXV is not for everyone, as it's a strong oud-anchored chypre with the sharp labadnum normally found in the base of most chypres actually a top note here, giving it an instantly piercing quality not unlike an old-school leather. The neat thing is, there's no leather note here, so this is more or less a leather-inspired interpretation of the leather chypre style, with a true ambergris note (real or synthetic is unknown) in place of the generic "amber" note most commonly found.

That isn't to say this is super masculine, just very gasoline-sharp, and a love-or-hate thing. I personally love a good sharp chypre, as they cut well through the cold air where even the deepest of orientals fail, but also aren't spicy enough to feel stuffy in warmer weather. Jubilation XXV isn't terribly versatile despite that credit, as it simply is too aggressive for hot weather, but it's good for at least two thirds of the year. There's a whole toolbox of notes in this you can read elsewhere, so the fundamental accords to me are the aforementioned labadnum in the top, saddled with coriander, orange, blackberry, and a strong church incense note. The middle is a supporting player here, with honey, a bay rum one-two of bay leaf and clove, plus some florals to give it a lightness it otherwise wouldn't possess in such company. The drydown stage is as muscular as the opening however, with patchouli, opoponax, myrrh, cedarwood, musk, moss, with the aforementioned ambergris and oud as the animalic elements. It's mature while still modern, and feels like a lighter, more tolerable Christian Dior Leather Oud (2010), and can actually be had for less if you don't mind a tester. I like Jubilation XXV because it smashes together very dirty base notes with very loud top notes, sandwiching the more delicate aspects in the middle. It's a paradox with it's church incense elements mixed with it's virile underpinnings, it's gilded sheen with it's musty underbelly. Jubilation is like a devout clergyman with a hidden fetish he keeps from his congregation lest he lose his cloth. This may have been the intent of perfumer Bertrand Duchafour (known for working mostly with niche houses), or just happenstance observation informed from my own personal background, but it's my take nonetheless. It's a kinder gentler oud chypre, and the kind that could only be possible on a niche budget and sold to a niche audience these days, which is to say it's existence is completely justified in my opinion.

What you take away from Jubilation XXV is entirely up to you. Many call it intentionally dated, or think it's a grand composition fit for esoteric kings of ancient times, or some other kind of grandiose thing, and they're not any more right or wrong than me. Is it particularly jubilant? Well, no.. not exactly. I feel as the male counterpart to the lighter and more-balanced Jubilation 25, which itself was a niche homage to past golden-era designer chypres before ingredient costs skyrocketed and restrictions forced synthetics upon designers, that this scent does the best it can by "manning up" the formula of perfumer Lucas Sieuzac (who made Jubilation 25) but at the cost of balance. For the strictly gender-adhering male connoisseur of fragrance, this is a good higher-end option if loud, virile juices are your thing, but for somebody caring less about what sex a scent is marketed towards, I feel Jubilation 25 is a better all-around smell capable of being worn by both sexes. This isn't saying that Jubilation XXV is too macho, it's just too shrill in places while Jubilation 25 is not, however it's only a small penalty deduction on the overall score. If I want this kind of oud kick-in-the-ass, I'll just go full-tilt with Christian Dior Leather Oud, which cares not about how it is perceived. As it stands, Jubilation XXV is a really nice scent, long lasting, with sillage just under screaming, and a modern take on the animalic chypres of old. I do detect an odd ghost note that reminds me of Sea Breeze astringent in places, but I think that's more me than the fragrance so again, only a small penalty deduction. This one is definitely a test first, but if anything I've said sounds like a selling point, by all means give it a go. I'm certainly glad I did.
28th March, 2018
Jubilation XXV straddles the line of modern and mature. The opening is smokey-orangey-incense. Later you get more incense with woods. Reminds me of Mr Blass by Bill Blass.

I get all day longevity with good projection.
25th February, 2018
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United States
You're a king, and you're in charge, but you're completely free of stress. It's your day, and the weather is perfect. You're in a huge field, on some beautiful land that you own, and the love of your life is with you, and you're hiking together. You playfully pick fresh blackberries in the late afternoon and sample them on your way back home. You pull some fresh hay out from the barn and put together some make-shift seating arrangements for a night under the stars. You build a bonfire with dry wood and you enjoy that moment, that moment where you're with her, breathing the cool night air, with the gentle heat and resinous smoke from the fire passing over you every so often. You share some blackberry kisses as you cuddle on the fresh hay, sneaking glances at the fire while watching the stars above. Jubilation XXV by Amouage.
06th February, 2018 (last edited: 25th February, 2018)
This is a very top-of-the-list fragrance. I only had a sample and wore it to church multiple weeks in a row. Each time, I was impressed by my own smell. The first time, I thought I was smelling someone else as the dry-down smells a lot different than the opening. Superior quality and performance. I will get more of this.
15th December, 2017
This is one of the best things I've ever smelled. I do not find it versatile.

For me, cooler temperatures and noteworthy occasions are what I need for Jubi to shine brightest.

I won't try to describe the complex accord because I can't. The other reviewers are much better at putting this into words.
14th November, 2017
My thumbs up is on the lower end, but.....

My first exposure to the house of Amouage. Jub25 is a nice scent, rich in frankincense, berries and patchouli. Decidedly a middle-eastern fragrance that could easily be for either lady or man. To me it's a gourmand cologne, nearly a foodie-scent that mixes incense and decadent cakes.

For my nose, the incense and blackberry are prominent from application to drydown, with a bit of woods coming into play at the end. Even though there are gobs of notes listed, I found this to be a fairly linear scent with those three notes standing way out there. The ingredients are of the highest quality (one can really smell this in J25), and that's what turned my neutral into a positive rating. If you enjoy high-end ingredients for the pleasure of smelling amazing individual notes, you'll love this cologne!

It does smell a bit dated (timewise), and would do best in cooler temperatures and more formal/evening attire. Silage is average and projection is pretty good too. Certainly not for a younger kid; you've got to be grounded and experienced to pull this off. I cannot in any way understand the cost of this cologne retail, and would recommend decanting with reputable online folks first before dropping nearly 300USD on a bottle.
09th October, 2017

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