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Jubilation XXV (2007)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBertrand Duchaufour

About Jubilation XXV

Jubilation XXV is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour

Reviews of Jubilation XXV

A sweet blend of honey, flowers, oriental spices and oud. A Persian confectioner's dream.

Complex and pleasant, a real treat!
16th September, 2015
This was my second Amouage and again I feel like it's nice and pleasant but nothing special. It's spicy-fruity but the fruit is not juicy, it's dry, like potpourri. There are so many notes involved and they're blended pretty well so you can't always pick out all the individual notes, but a few do stand out from time to time. On me, the strongest scents to stick out were blackberry, rose, patchouli, oud, frankincense, and honey, and there were definitely suggestions of ambergris hiding out in the base.

I will say the ingredients used are of great quality. How do you know when real rose oil is being used? When it outlasts almost everything else, even in small doses. I believe rose should be considered a base note, and this fragrance is good evidence.

There just wasn't anything terribly interesting happening here and yes it's a pleasant fruity-rosy-oud but the genre isn't of much interest to me.

This lasts forever, I got no olfactory fatigue at all, and they're good ingredients blended well. If fruity-rosy-oud is your style, definitely try it. But for me, I was bored.
13th August, 2015
What can I say about this masterpiece that hasn't been said already? This is my signature scent and IMHO the definition of magnificent! If you haven't smelled this fragrance I recommend ordering a decant, but be ready, you'll be ordering a bottle soon after! Perfect 10 out of 10 fragrance!
20th June, 2015
Fit for a king, they say – and in this case, they mean it quite literally, because the Sultan of Oman frequently gifts bottles of Jubilation and Gold to other monarchs when they pay official state visits to his sultanate. And if I were a visiting monarch, I too would be delighted to find a bottle of this resting on my pillow.

Jubilation is a richly spiced oriental that has the best of everything in it – an opulent Frankincense, jammy fruit (orange and blackberries), warm pie spices, a hot, smoking oud, and a superbly salty musk and ambergris reconstruction extending it all at the tailbone. The opening, in particular, has a berry and dark chocolate effect going on that’s interesting (I assume it’s the patchouli interacting with the fruit and incense).

It’s very balsamic, from the myrrh, opoponax, and Frankincense, smoky thanks to the labdanum and guaiacum, and very sweet – almost syrupy sweet actually – thanks to the big dollops of honey. Sweet enough for a woman (this woman included). I love it.

Opulent, rich, oriental, smoldering……I’m thinking Omar Sharif with those bedroom eyes of his. But it’s classy, too. Although Jubilation is rich, it wears quite lightly and is a teeny bit famous for sillage that comes and goes all day, making you wonder if you’ve put on enough (you have). A couple of sprays under a shirt will provide subtle wafts of gorgeousness all day.

Funnily enough, I never would have thought of trying this for myself but for a mistake someone made while filling a sample for me. I had requested a sample of Jubilation 25, the woman’s version because I wanted to see if it was much different from the sample of the extrait I have. The sample came marked “Jubilation 25”, so I sprayed it on one wrist and a bit of the Jubilation 25 extrait on the other wrist. Immediately, I knew that it couldn’t be the same perfume at all – this one was far sweeter, softer, and more affable than the Jubilation 25 I was familiar with. I put two and two together, and interested, began looking into the reviews of Jubilation XXV.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love Jubilation 25, and as a piece of “art”, I still believe it to be greater than XXV. But Jubilation XXV is a much easier wear. It has a sweet juiciness to it that just comes off as more friendly and approachable. Jubilation XXV is a dopey Labrador to Jubilation 25’s sly cat.

I’m a fan of many Amouage fragrances, but I really feel that the Jubilation brother and sister pair represent the pinnacle of the house’s artistic achievement to date. Released to celebrate Amouage’s 25th birthday in 2007, the Jubilations kicked off a new era for the company. And out of the house’s “couple” scents, the Jubilations are also the most different from each other. Unlike the pairings that followed (Lyric, Epic, Memoir, and Journey), the Jubilations are utterly different in feel and texture to each other, and even the notes that do connect them (fruit and Frankincense) are treated so differently as to render any similarity between them on a purely technical basis moot.
16th June, 2015

Such a classy scent,elegant yet intellectually masculine. JUBLIATION brings to mind a sophisticated and stylish man,who as a rule,is slightly overdressed for every occasion.I fell in love with the fragrance. one of those fragrances when you wear it,you can be sure to get lots of compliments from both women and men alike.this one could be perfect for ROMANTIC occasions.Sweet, Glamorous,Harmonious,Chic,Luxurious, Warm,Expensive and Impressive.

It opens with fruity accords of orange,black berry with coriander and labdanum that transition to a lovely heart of cinnamon,clove, honey,rose and orchid and manly elements like musk,oud,cedar and oakmoss in the base notes.the smell reminds me of a prince charming a man who is successful at what ever he sets his mind to.It smells exceptionally good and has a lot of appeal for use at NIGHT or during cold weather.It is suitable for a beau.

Sillage?Above Average.

Longevity?Good on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
A heady concoction that is big in scope, but does not have any rough edges. Amouage Jubilation XXV Man opens on the skin with a burst of candied, syrupy fruits with an underlying note of oud. The blackcurrant is discernible. The fruitiness subsides after a while. The heart is a trifle floral. I can pick out the cinnamon and the honey. The oud and the resins are more prominent in the base, with a subtle woodiness.

Personally experienced good projection and longevity. Perhaps leans a bit towards the masculine side, but easily wearable by women. This could be a good introduction to Amouage for individuals who like sweet fragrances and don't appreciate harsh oud fragrances. Wearable in almost all seasons, except for perhaps summer. More a nighttime fragrance. Perhaps more suited for wearing at home - it has that comforting factor.
25th May, 2015

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