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Cereus pour Homme No. 4 (2007)
by Cereus


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJerome Epinette

About Cereus pour Homme No. 4

Cereus pour Homme No. 4 is a masculine fragrance by Cereus. The scent was launched in 2007 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jerome Epinette

Reviews of Cereus pour Homme No. 4

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United States
Cereus pour Homme No. 4 smells like green apples to me -- it is fruity, fresh, with a little bit of tanginess. The blend makes for pleasant scent. The opening reminds me of the tiny multi-colored bead fresheners that the kids were addicted to back in my High School years. There’s some muskiness in the drydown that is quite similar to Versace Eau Fraiche, but the fruitiness stays in the background.

On my skin, longevity is just average, so is the projection. But for $15 shipped on ebay (2.5 oz tester, no cap, no box), you can’t go wrong with Cereus 4, especially during the warmer months.
29th December, 2016
The listed notes for No. 4 are: Cedrat, Grapefruit, Tagete, Green Apple, Marine Notes, Galbanum, Vetiver, Papyrus.

As you would expect the fragrance is very green as it is built around vetiver, galbanum and green apple. There is a slight algae note that hints at dockside organic matter. The papyrus adds a very dry light wood base that offers almost no support for all this citric and dark greenness. This is not a great green fragrance, but a very good one. It has little development but if green seaside notes are attractive then you would like this fragrance. I like it very much, but not enough to endorse it strongly. Neutral.
19th September, 2016
I've been wearing Cereus No.4 in the 93 degree heat for a couple of weeks now and it's made me change my mind about the negative review I gave it last year. Never had a problem with the smell as it has a very pleasant green apple/lemon opening that reminds me of an apple martini or something along the lines of a slightly sweet/sour apple candy. The Papyrus note is still one that takes a bit of getting use to, but it does give the fragrance a nice clean and fresh transparent vetiver type note. Longevity and projection are still issue with No.4, but if you accept this fragrance for being something that you'll be wearing outdoors or as a very casual pick me up there can be a place in your fragrance wardrobe for it. It also makes a great work fragrance for those that work in fragrance free environments. If it had better projection and longevity it would get and easy thumbs up, but this is a summer fragrance only. NOTE: Prices have come way down and this can be had now for 1/5 the retail price on auction sites. For that price it's a thumbs up.
18th August, 2011 (last edited: 17th April, 2013)
Like many in Cereus' line, this is a well-blended, higher quality and longer lasting version of several popular designer scents.

Those who compare this to D&G Light Blue pour femme are not far off, it shares the same impression in it's long lasting bergamot/citrus/apple/water lily/muguet accords. And although it does have both fruity and floral notes, they are tamped down when compared to Light Blue. It is also noticeably less sharp/shrill than the D&G.

It is also more natural in it's green apple note. I am sure there is an ample amount of the usual synthetic "green apple" note used in vitamin waters and chewing gum, but it is rendered in such a way that upon close sniffs, or on the flipside, upon very heavy application, the "green apple zest", literally smells quite like the skin of granny smith apples, very vegetal and waxy in texture.

And despite being a fruity scent, the sweetness is neutralized very well by a long-lasting sour lemon/citron accord, and the dryness of the papyrus/cypriol. While this dryness is detectable, it is not too dry or heavy like some cedar accords, it is instead a light and tasteful masculine dryness, fitting for this scent.

As the scent evolves further, the citrus burns off, and the apple note becomes less fleshy still, and more leafy/waxy, the papyrus moves in to make things drier, and a light spiciness comes in, presumably cardamom and maybe just a little nutmeg.

Once the apple and spice are absent entrely, the papyrus is then balanced by a light pleasant lilac/floral quality.

Prior to testing this, when seeing papyrus listed, I was expecting either an overly "sueded" base, like in Cereus #14, or overly mineralic, like Cereus TDH-cousin #5. Seeing apple listed, I was expecting an overly sweet fruity core, like in the Kenneth Cole or Donna Karans, but got a nice surprise when I found a tasteful and discreet scent.

My favorite of the Cereus line so far, only one left to try is #7.
30th March, 2010
Juicy vetiver and woods.The overall fragrance is aromatic apples with a well rounded vetiver and cedarwoods base. Almost generic but it feels much more fuller than designer offerings. I like.
13th January, 2010
jrd4t Show all reviews
United States
What a 180 on this for me. I initially dismissed it as just a generic scent that I wouldn't get into. I decided to give it another chance after Chandler Burr's glowing remarks. It really is quite good! The drydown is a magnificent sparkling vetiver that I really didn't expect and what seems like hints of incense. I recommend this one.
16th November, 2008

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