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    Lui Fragrance notes

    Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Blackberry, Floral notes, Citrus notes, Spices

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    Lui is a men's fragrance by Mazzolari.

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    100ml EdT

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    I can't seriously beleive that anyone would wear this. The Emperor has no clothes - and he smells of urine and baby powder. If this is supposed to be a unisex fragrance, then yeah I guess both male and female urine mixed with baby powder would apply, and when you take into consideration the price per bottle...ROTFLMFAO!

    28th January, 2015

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    My initial reaction to the smell on myself was, "this must be what a buffalo smells like." Seriously. Though, that civet smell could convey a far more sleek animal that a buffalo. Not sure why that was on my mind.

    But yeah, the first 20 minutes was more animalic than any other scent I've tried. After that, it changes a bit and I got a little more balanced leather/patchouli mix. Daring scent in some ways, but maybe you just need to be in the right mood to rock this scent. I'm going to wear it some more and see how my impression of it changes. Just rock it confidently.

    06th January, 2015

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    I did not read any reviews before acquiring this fragrance, so unfortunately I made a huge mistake and applied WAY too much on the first go around! This stuff is atomic!

    I have Mazzolari's Patchouly, and as nice of a scent it is, it doesn't hold a candle to it's sibling, Lui. The opening shot me a blast of green patchouli and soft, powdery amber. As it wore on, the animalic quality that so many reviews speak to, makes it's presence known. This is a gentler Muscs Koublai Khan, more refined, but just a bold.

    Amber shines in a dry down that still maintains it's stout masculinity. I do not know when I can wear this outside of the cold Saturday at present. This could be too much for the general public! I love it!! A masterpiece, and as close to 5 stars as possible!

    20th December, 2014

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    Not a fan of civet. Besides the Patchouli, the civet was the first note that hit my nose. That animalistic vibe was a deal breaker for me. I do like amber, but I had to wait too long (about 30 minutes) before I really smelled it. Reminded me of Leather Oud without the leather. 6/10

    14th October, 2014 (Last Edited: 11th February, 2015)

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    A mature gentelman's fragrance. The opening is abrasive and can immediately becoming cloying if you are not careful with the your number of sprays. The notes are easily detected and blend very well with each other. The easiest to detect on my skin were: leather, patchouli, and vetiver. At certain points during my wearings I was reminded of Bel Ami Vetiver. For me the vetiver was rubbery and the patchouli was dirty. There was no skank but it smells as if there ought to be if that makes any sense. Longevity and Silage are both fantastic. 12+ hours consistently. I really cannot find fault with this composition save that it is not to my taste. In a time where masculine and feminine classifications for scents are seemingly interchangeable, this one leaves no question as to which side it resides.

    Pros: Amazing Projection and Longevity.
    Cons: May be too mature for some.

    22nd September, 2014

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Mazzolari Lui is crazy sexy good. Yes, ok, technically it’s a men’s perfume (“Lui” means “Him” in Italian) and if you read the often hilarious reviews for this here on Basenotes and on Fragrantica, you will see an awful lot of male reviewers using words such as “virile”, “masculine” and “testosterone” which is akin to putting up big, neon signs reading, “Wimmen Folk Turn Back Now!” and pissing around it to demarcate the territory.

    One review in particular here on Basenotes had me ordering a sample Mazzolari Lui straight away. Written by a guy called Montagne, it opens with possibly the best first sentence ever written about a perfume:

    “Jesus, Dad”, gasps my daughter, hoarsely. “You smell like a bum’s nut-sack,” adding, perhaps superfluously: “and not in a good way.”

    Oh Montagne, whoever you are, you had me at “nut-sack”. After all, all of the perfumes I love the best, such as Parfumerie Generale’s L’Ombre Fauve, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Absolue Pour Le Soir, and Serge Lutens’ Muscs Khoublai Khan, have (mostly) men writing reviews about them that reference:

    a. the smell of a man’s sweaty nether regions, pee, poo, testicles, and/or;

    b. the fact they would absolutely not, under any circumstances, like to smell this on a woman.

    For me personally, that is just like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Half the stuff I do is on a dare already, so why should perfume be any different? It makes me wonder though – what is it about these big musky, castoreum-laden fumes that indicate they are for men only? And while we are on the subject, was there a board meeting back in biblical times that decided that violets and primroses were not to be worn by men? It’s not a facetious question. I would actually like to know.

    Me, I try not to limit myself by all these (seemingly rather arbitrary) gender classifications. I love and wear Dior Homme Intense, Hermes Bel Ami, and Caron’s Le Troisieme Homme. I have worn Bvlgari Black since I was a teenager, even though every time I have gone to pick it up in the shop, a saleslady with a panicked look on her face would rush over and say, “MODOM! That is a MAN’s perfume!” I also used to wear Lalique’s Encre Noir, until the Iso E Super in it started to give me headaches.

    But back to the matter at hand: does Mazzolari’s Lui actually smell like a bum’s nut-sack or not? Well, it’s been a while since I’ve smelled one*, but no – no it does not. It is much nicer. It is a fantastically dirty leather-and-patchouli fragrance that makes you feel like you are rolling around with someone you shouldn't be on a fur coat that has been rubbed down with civet oil. The opening blast is ferocious and pungent, with a smell half way between the sourness of clothes folded away damp and sweaty horse leather. The civet makes it utterly filthy from beginning to end, but despite the predictably massive longevity, the sillage does a surprising dip down to a skin scent after the initial blast. The castoreum in the base gives it a rounded, sensual feel.

    It’s really hot. I mean, it is hella sexy. It is an Austen Powers sort of perfume. It reminds me most of L’Ombre Fauve, with its furry animal sensuality, but Mazzolari’s Lui is far more patch-heavy, dense and unctuous. And whereas L’Ombre Fauve is really just a riff on the dirty parts of amber, musk, and patchouli all joined up at the seams, Lui is a far messier, wilder thing altogether – an explosive cocktail of the unstable elements of pissy leather and patchouli and civet. Everything here is quite rough and disjointed. But in a good way.

    I would highly recommend this one to the ladies out there who love a nice bit of skank. Any woman who appreciates the filthiness of Jean Desprez’ Bal a Versailles, MFK’s Absolue Pour Le Soir, Masque Fragrance’s Montecristo, or even the cute, furry little L’Ombre Fauve would get a kick out of this. Ignore all the “for men only” signs posted all around the Internet. If you are the kind of woman who wears perfumes to please herself alone, and not men, then this one is really worth looking into. I find it an intoxicating, almost fiercely private pleasure. I wear it for myself alone. I have worn it for the past five nights running, and one whole weekend, and as someone who has hundreds of samples I really want to try, that surely says a lot.

    *It was a cold night outside Termini bus station in Rome. Woke up to find a vagrant gently grinding his crotch into my face. It was a mercifully brief encounter but I did get a tantalizing whiff of what Montagne’s daughter seems to have experienced in full.

    13th August, 2014

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