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    Mazzolari Lui is a men's fragrance by Mazzolari.

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    Genre: Leather

    “Blockbuster” doesn’t do this scent justice. “Ballbuster” is more like it. Mazzolari Lui is a sock in the jaw, delivered effortlessly by a guy sporting dark sunglasses and two days’ worth of carefully cultivated stubble. It’s muscular leather, bold woods, tobacco, and a hint of smoke, all swirling around a core of blazing, animalic patchouli strong enough to put hair on Fabio’s chest. Even the powdery woods in the drydown have external genitalia. A healthy dose of sharp, aromatic lavender contributes a touch of the barbershop (which is where the house of Mazzolari started), but this barber’s place is full of hulking Mafiosi with 45s in their ankle holsters and stilettos up their sleeves. These aren’t the loutish guys with heavy Brooklyn accents – no, they’re well dressed and elegant, with all of their brutality concealed beneath their custom tailored suits.

    With all of its steroids and testosterone, Mazzolari Lui out-Antaeuses Antaeus, knees Bois du Portugal in the nuts, and eats Parfum d’Habit for breakfast. It’s not the animalic brew of civet, castoreum, and costus root you’ll find in Muscs Koublai Khan either: it’s nowhere near that “pretty” or seductive. Nor is it as stark and dry as Yatagan, even if it’s just as bold. No, this one is very much its own animal, and that animal is male. Mazzolari Lui is a masterpiece, no doubt, but I haven’t found the circumstances under which I’d wear it. If you do, just make sure to use it very sparingly. The sillage and projection are both nuclear, and though the stuff smells great, two full sprays of it are probably enough to empty the room.

    19 June, 2014

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    This not testosterone, it's jet fuel...and it smells so damn gooood...

    13 June, 2014

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    I bought this blind, based on recommendations here, and I am grateful to the reviewers who influenced me. I do want to nitpick just a little and say that the civet does in fact last well into the drydown. Not rip-roaringly, but definitely perceptible, and this gives interest and strength to Lui's entire lifespan.

    Speaking of the drydown, Lui's amber drydown is absolutely wonderful. I personally feel that this portion is warmer and more sensual than any other amber drydown I've experienced, even including spectacular "soliflor" ambers like Ambra Aurea and Ambre Sultan.

    Update: it's funny how different scents appear more prominent at different times. Today, ML hit my skin like L'eau de Cat Piss. You know how medications warn you not to drive until you know how the stuff will affect you? My advice is to go easy until you find out how ML affects the people around you.

    02 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 23 April, 2014)

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    "Jesus, Dad", gasps my daughter, hoarsely. "You smell like a bum's nut-sack," adding, perhaps superfluously: "and not in a good way."

    Sometimes, it is necessary for a man to make a statement: "I do this for me, not for you."

    Thus, it is very gratifying to me that this fragrance causes such offense to the women of the household. Gratifying enough, in fact, to make me keep my own secret: I too think the stuff smells like mouldy laundry that a horse has urinated on.

    Worth it, though.

    16 January, 2014

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    I have grown very tired of unisex releases. People nowadays get petrified of wearing scents that are assertive, and simply state their gender. Apparently, there are some houses releasing treasures, regardless of what the masses think.

    Lui has one of the boldest civet, patchouli and leather openings, followed by musk, patchouli and amber dry down. The amber never gets too sweet, should I say sweet at all. Hint of ambergris. Even some of the greatest amber fragrances always provoke a feminine take on the subject, but thankfully it’s not the case here.

    Mazzolari Lui has one of the longest and most beautiful transitions from top to base notes. Unless you panic at the potency of the top notes, you will witness an incredible dry down - assertive, strong, deep, sexy, masculine and poetic.

    The progression is like an old school powerhouse. ML was probably first thought of in late 70’s and early 80’s, executed in 2006, without cutting any corners. Fragrances like this do not get released very often, so I’m grateful to have found it.

    The love factor obviously is very subjective, but having said that, if you like very bold, dirty, deep and sexy masculines with absolutely endless dry down, do yourself a favor and sample it. Just to remind you what a men’s frag should inquire.

    Longevity and sillage are spectacular.

    The scent is perfection throughout all the stages. Hopefully they never reformulate it.


    20th November, 2013 (Last Edited: 26 November, 2013)

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    Lui's a fantastic patch and amber scent that's gritty and dense, but keeps from getting bogged down in hippie territory by introducing the animalic notes and cranking the treble on the mix. There's civet, and maybe some castoreum, but neither are to threatening as their juxtaposed beautifully against the patch opening. And this patch leans closer to the head shop variety rather than the semi-gourmand / minty notes that the material can sometime take, mainly because it's balanced by a great amber accord over a clean, unobtrusive vetiver. For me, this sits between L'Ombre Fauve's "furry" effect and the crunchiness of YSL Opium's incense accord. An excellent scent that doesn't take itself too seriously; and to me, it's a social chameleon in that it'd be well-suited in both casual and formal environments. Beautiful stuff.

    17 November, 2013

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