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The Lover (2007)
by Gap


The Lover information

Year of Launch2007
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

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Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About The Lover

The Lover is a shared / unisex perfume by Gap. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of The Lover

I found this to be a nice scent with a decent fruity spicy opening with a slighty female leaning dry down. Not the best quality but it's by far not the worst. It is a basic unisex fragrance. For the price it is a good deal but it will only last 3 hours maybe 4 on your skin.
08th June, 2016
Apricot, Mint Leaves, Patchouli.

I've been meaning to snag a bottle of this for a few years now and I finally got around to it. To be exact, I purchased 2 NIB 50ml. on auction because the price was perfect. Lo and behold, when they arrived, both sprayers were damaged and 25% of each bottle had leaked. I own a few Gap Individual fragrances and while they don't have "quality" spray mechanisms, none have this defect. I really wanted to keep one of these unopened, but oh well..........

That frustration aside, I decided to keep them and simply decant what remained into a good sized atomizer and call it good. I did so mainly because The Lover smells nice. This is a fruitchouli that has a little more going on than the 3 listed notes. There's a mild citrus in the opening accord, yet I experience no mint or mentholated quality whatsoever. The first few minutes however reveal a pleasant Bergamot mingled with a "fruit" aspect that I don't recognize as Apricot, but who cares. Whatever it really is, I like it. It plays nicely off the evaporating citrus and oncoming Patchouli. This version of Patch has a mild smoke incorporated into it.

The volume and presence of Gap The Lover is moderate, but the aroma is rather full bodied. It's safe to say that it has substance up close, but lacks serious projection. Personally, I think that's a "plus" in this case and enjoy the manner in which it performs. It's simplistic, pleasant and has a rendition of patchouli that's on the mild side with a very subtle smoke and all the while, leaning a bit sweet. For me, what's not to like?

Now, great it's not. It does have quality though and with its price point ( if you're patient ), is an intelligent purchase. It's sensual while having the ability to be worn by either gender with no qualms at all. I have been enjoying it more than I thought I would. I also find it to be a good, close quarter scent with enough versatility to succeed in numerous situations, from personal, social to economic. Sillage is average with longevity approximately 3 hours on my skin. Thumbs up from SS for Gap's The Lover with a strong recommendation to sample before purchase.
01st March, 2015
A soft, powdery spicy, fruity and floral scent. It's so inexpensive (£7) so it's great value. Quite a pleasant fragrance and unique. Could be a grower......
08th September, 2012
Wow! My first full day of wearing and it's complete love! A very beautiful and complete fragrance IMO. Reminds me of Guerlain Cologne 68 and a bit of L'instant de Guerlain pour homme. I can't believe it cost me £7.99! I'm stocking up!
thankfully the apricot isn't overdone as its not fruity to my nose. The patchouli is not too heavy, all in all the notes (and there must be more than are listed here!) blend perfectly into a soft characterful depth. It smells so much More expensive. Quality.
13th May, 2012
This scent reminds me of niche type scents. It starts out feminine then turns slightly masculine after about an hour.
It was too feminine for me, so I gave a bottle to a female friend who was ecstatic with it - says she gets comments whenever she wears it. She notices it turning masculine too.
28th June, 2010

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