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Driven Black (2007)
by Derek Jeter


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Year of Launch2007
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseDerek Jeter
Parent CompanyAvon

About Driven Black

Driven Black is a masculine fragrance by Derek Jeter. The scent was launched in 2007

Reviews of Driven Black

My mom used to sell Avon about the same time I started getting big into colognes so because of that I bought this fragrance. At the time I remembering liking it but wanted something more fresh so I sat it aside for a good many years until recently, and the reason I rediscovered it was because my girlfriend must have been bored so I guess she was going through my colognes sniffing them out. Then I come home one day and she says "Hey I really like the smell of this one so you should wear this more"

So after rediscovering this years later and giving this a few more wearings ive really grown to like and appreciate this more and for it being a cheap priced Avon fragrance its actually very nice.

ANYWHO.... Now on to how this smells....

Its a very woody,but fresh fragrance thats slightly powdery and has a sexy,sensual appeal thats perfect for evenings out or even formal occasions. Its also very pleasing and my girlfriend really likes this stuff. I also got a leathery vibe from this so I was disappointed a little when I didnt see leather in the note breakdown.

The performance on this is decent as well. It lasts on me anywhere from 6-8 hours and has above average projection.

All in all im going to rate this a solid 7.25 out of 10 ! Very good frag not only over all but especially at its price range

Also would be a great signature scent as well (especially for someone on a budget) as I can see this being great all year round

Side note: This doesnt smell like but has a very similar vibe to Armani Code but to me its a little fresher and more woody. So if you liked Code but maybe want a fresher or cheaper alternative, give this 1 a shot !
15th September, 2015
This is definitely the adopted brother of the family.
Not born from the loins of AVON.
It's got serious game.

Reminds me a lot of Tam Dao...not an exact replica, but very much cousins.

Perhaps a "Poor Mans Tam Dao"?
13th October, 2012
A spicy woody oriental that doesn't overwhelm and stays close to the skin. There's a little bit of sweet spicyness that gives a hint of a Le Male vibe. I own this and Driven Sport and they're both really nice fragrances for the price. They can replace quite a few more expensive scents with ease and are so easy for "go to" fragrances. Don't let the Avon label dissuade you. This entire line is very good.
28th June, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Good simple woody fragrance in the style of Agua Brava, only darker and less complex. It's the coniferous wood note in this (Virigina Cedar?) and citrus top notes that remind me a lot of Agua Brava, but this is much longer lasting than Agua Brava, probably due to use of synthetic fixatives. Very subtle sweet notes in the base are probably what makes this a "woody oriental", but there is very little sweetness to this.

Driven Black is a good masculine fragrance that is appropriate for all occasions, and is a good "go to" scent. It's nothing spectacular or unique, but is a good solid fragrance that costs little money.

A word to the wise: only sample this on skin, not on paper. This scent smells flat, dull and synthetic on paper, yet comes to life on skin.

MY RATING: 7.5/10
26th April, 2011
A smooth vetiver scent. Driven Black smells surprisingly good -- in the bottle and on the skin -- for an Avon product. But "for an Avon product" is a big qualifier. It lasts well for an Avon product too, but Avon scents are notoriously short-lived.
12th January, 2011
Yes, a smooth velvety suede kinda musk scent. A little citrus sprinkled on top. Not bad for the price, unique, but very synthetic smelling, so beware! Lasts long and projects well, though.
01st January, 2011

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