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Dirty English (2008)
by Juicy Couture


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Year of Launch2008
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseJuicy Couture
PerfumerClaude Dir
Parent CompanyElizabeth Arden Inc

About Dirty English

Dirty English is a masculine fragrance by Juicy Couture. The scent was launched in 2008 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Claude Dir

Reviews of Dirty English

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United Kingdom
Spicy, pleasant, complaints about poor projection and longevity make me wonder how many people walk around in a muggy haze of these kind of scents.

While perfectly wearable there's nothing here which would draw me back to a second purchase. There's a lot of notes in there which sort of mush together into a pleasant spicy blokey scent.
15th October, 2015
Nice mix of woods and spice that takes a nod towards Bleu de Chanel in my eyes. I like these kind of scents very much although it could project a bit better. If it would project and last like Bleu then it would be superb. Still not a bad scent for the money though.
20th August, 2015
The first thing that attracted me was the appearance of the bottle as the bottle has a gorgeous design. DIRTY ENGLISH for men is a tempting and decadent scent for men who are mature in their tastes and know how to put a virile,sensuous fragrance to good use.a great evening wear scent to impress the ladies at a bar or at a club.however it is not as masterpiece as GUCCI POUR HOMME but i simply admire it.Complex, Woody,Warm,Sensual, Magnetic,Leathery and Ultra Masculine.

It starts with a strong initial blast of mandarin orange,musk and oakmoss,the heart is exquisitely evocative,to vibrating with the timeless elegance and charm of darkly mysterious oud and ebony wood.these seductive notes are blended through a smoke screen of leather.I suggest getting this fragrance if you want to make yourself appear more manly to the opposite is definitely for Autumn/Winter weather. DIRTY ENGLISH for men is something tht is well worth the cost.try it and you see the reaction you get.


Longevity?Could be better.

13th June, 2015
This scent is amazing. Well to my olfactory organs it is. One of my coworkers used to wear it and I would love smelling him when he would walk by. I love a lot of the notes that make up this fragrance. I'd I could wear this and get away with it I would.
08th March, 2015 (last edited: 09th March, 2015)
Sometime world...

I met a man who felt the same way
That the world had passed him by...

He's riding a Norton Commando 850.
It probably belonged to his father.
He has a stubble and his hair is greasy. Either because of brillantine or because it's been three days since he last went home.
He's wearing a black double rider leather jacket, which surely has seen better days, and dusted black tight jeans and boots.
His weary eyes are hidden behind a pair of vintage American Optical Pilots.
They probably belonged to his father too.
He's leaning on his bike on the promenade, with a hip flask in his hands and a cigarillo hanging from his lips.
He reeks of motor oil and vintage Mickeyrourkeism.
He looks as tough as old boots and equally worn.
He's not looking for trouble, but trouble is definitely looking for him.
His slight whiff of sulphur and phosphorus, makes the Devil smile in his sleep.
He has just bought a fragrance, to spare him the talking.
Which one do you think it is?...
27th February, 2015
Found this for $25 at a fragrance kiosk at my local shopping hell (mall). While I normally don't bargain hunt outlet stores for fragrances, I had heard good things about Dirty English and like their marketing package, so when I saw it at a discount, I thought I would gamble with the small amount. I agree with other posters that this scent is hard to nail down, especially to any single note. Other than the bergamot/mandarin top notes the rest is kind of a bourbon wood, mossy, leather concert of scent. I have to admit it has a great dry sweetness to it, just as reviews stated.

I"ll wear Dirty English out to dinner on weekends and agree that it would benefit from increased strength of projection and longevity, but I can smell it faintly for about 3 hrs. A nice scent, and a great kitzschy bottle. Don't pay over $30 for this and you'll be happy too.

13th February, 2015 (last edited: 19th February, 2015)

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