Dirty English (2008)
    by Juicy Couture

    Dirty English Fragrance Notes

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    Really not sure why this gets so much attention, I'm hardly a niche fragrance snob but this smells really cheap to me, there's a boozy note in there along with some real drugstore budget smelling woods. This is the sort of thing a 16 year old would wear when going on the pull. Longevity is rubbish.

    14 February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Spicy, woodsy, a little dry, a little dirty, and with some subtle warm sweetness underlying. The package/bottle design makes me think they were trying to convey somewhat of a rock n roll vibe with this. They were pretty accurate, imo. But not in some blazing lead guitarist kind of way. More like a solid rock bassist. Cool, but not flashy.

    I love the scent, but the longevity just isn't that great. The projection is also fairly moderate, but that's probably a good thing as any more projection and it would be too cloying. Some may already think this is cloying.

    Longevity is somewhat of a pet peeve for me so I give it a neutral rating. Otherwise a thumbs up.

    Recommended wear: day, casual. Seasons: fall, (early) spring.

    30th December, 2013

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    spicy and dirty yet smooth

    i like the dirtiness and spice but done in a smooth way almost like a very muted forest fire smell but not really...lol....sexy as hec!

    24 July, 2013

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    Indonesia Indonesia

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    Outstanding, but...

    Got this 100mL bottle a month ago as a complete gift set. Kinda excited to prove how "bad boy" this fragrance turn out...

    It starts with a smoky burst of wood (cedar, perhaps?) and crisp mandarin sneaking within. As seconds ticking, I get some feel of oak and leather as I long for heavy oud aroma that defines its masculinity.

    My conclusion, this isn't a fragrance for picking out clear notes. It's better to be appreciated as an harmonious ensemble of masculinity. It definitely captures the woody & smoky feel, enriched by a sense of cedar.

    Cons are the projection, and definitely a serious matter of longevity. It's only skin scent for me. Aside that, this fragrance undeniably masculine, sexy and most definitely strong enough to make an impression. It is a very safe bet to show some manly charm. Score? 7.5/10.

    Pros: Unique harmony of masculine fragrance
    Cons: No projection, definitely skin scent & short longevity.

    28 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Such a shame...

    Awash all the overly sweet, inoffensive, androgynous designer fragrances popular among men these days, this stuff came completely out of left field.
    An uber-masculine, hard edged men's cologne.

    From Juicy Couture?
    What? Seriously? Well, I did not see this one coming.

    I love this damn stuff, and it has probably the coolest bottle design of any fragrance I've ever owned, but it just has absolutely no projection or longevity. Purely a skin scent, no matter how much you spray.

    Here's to hoping J.C. re-releases this stuff, and in a eau de parfum version that fixes the staying power issues.
    ...Yeah, probably not going to happen. It's a fickle market.

    Pros: Masculine, Unique
    Cons: Longevity, Projection

    20th May, 2013

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    Good masculine scent, cheap price, younger girls like it. It has a bit of a personality to it, while it is cheap id sample before buying as I do not think its for everyone. Not too fantastic with silage and longevity. I used about 3-4 sprays and it lasted an hour or two, I had to use over 10+ sprays to overpower the JC lala juicy EDP that my current fling uses as her signature

    07 March, 2013

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