Ralph Wild (2008)
    by Ralph Lauren

    Ralph Wild Fragrance notes

    Floral notes, Watermelon, Strawberries, Cherry blossom, Musk

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    This scent is definitively girlie - as I noticed Blood-Orange stated in her review. But it is not girlie in cloying way, rather it imparts a sweetly energetic tone to the wearer. While I typically find gourmands to be obtrusive, this fragrance melts bright and fresh florals- maybe violet, geranium, and clematis - to juicy fruits that were just picked off the vine. It reminds me of a strawberry-honeydew melon mojito, sans tequila sub sparkling prosecco.

    I do not like this fragrance enough to wear it often, but could totally see myself donning it if I was a high school student. I would buy this for my little sister as opposed to those sickenly-sweet Victoria's Secret fragrances that seem to be so popular with today's youngest women.

    Good silliage and great longevity. I would wear this to the pool or beach, or perhaps on a gloomy day if I needed a little pep. Alternatively, I think the body lotion version of this frag layers quite well underneath a cedar, or woody-oriental.

    12 April, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Is this really perfume or home-made strawberry jam and watermelon gelati?

    While I love sweet scents, the definition of pleasantly sweet has its limits. As my tastes change with age, I find myself running from scents such as this one.

    Ralph Wild is the ultimate girly scent. I imagine young, giggly 15 year old girls going bananas over this fragrance. It captures their youth and vitality perfectly. I can also see this appealing to the young at heart, those women who love being transported to their younger days through the scent-portal.

    Strawberry certainly features in Ralph Wild, and it opens the scent with a 'KAZAAM'! To the older crowd, this may remind you of a Strawberry Daiquiri on a hot Summer's night.

    Somewhere in the heart the scent becomes slightly clean smelling, a little like shampoo, but an expensive one at that. Refreshing is almost the right word, however the scent does maintain a pleasant sharpness throughout.

    Because of this fragrance's simplicity, Ralph Wild does come across as liquified strawberry candy. The Ralph series, including the original, has been successful in creating casual, sweet, Summery scents for the younger crowd, however not all appeal to those over the age of 20.

    26 June, 2011

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    I'll start out by saying that I'm a guy, and I do wear this scent. On my skin it doesnt evolve at all, all I smell is the intense fruit all during the life of the frag, which on me is about 5-6 hours. Its nothing impressive, but it does smell very pleasant to my nose. very wearable during the summer, on those lazy weekends around the house.

    29 August, 2009

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    This is a non-impressive, sweet smelling fragrance that is fruity from start to finish. For someone who didn't want to have an overbearing scent, but still wished to smell good, this is a good choice.

    20th January, 2009

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    If you're looking for a simple, non-exotic, summer fruity floral (more on the fruity than the floral) blend, then this is for you.

    06 May, 2008

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi

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    Good but not impressing. Smells only fresh strawberries, delicious but too simple.

    23 April, 2008

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