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Gaļac (2005)
by Micallef


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Year of Launch2005
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Gaļac

Gaļac is a masculine fragrance by Micallef. The scent was launched in 2005

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Reviews of Gaļac

Beautiful Guaiac wood and cloves. Gaiac is very nicely blended, it is warm and subtle. It is a sweet clove mixed with vanilla and amber, very comforting. It is very masculine. The bottle is beautiful.
26th February, 2016
ori Show all reviews
United States
This is such a gorgeous scent. Smokey vetiver, gaiac, and clove, with a vanillic blast at the beginning that thankfully dries out-- but the notes don't really capture what's so special about this. It is rich and warm, resinous but luminous-- like hazy-warm-beeswaxy-gold. There's something both comforting and haunting that keeps you coming back to smell it.
23rd December, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Vanilla and - pushed into the background a bit - the gaļac wood it takes its name are what hits my nose in the gentle opening blast. And this dyad resists throughout the whole time of this scent's development. The gaļac impression hits the mark quite well with the bitterness and moderated smokiness.

The constancy of the core notes does not mean that there is nothing else happening here: hints of a mild clove as well as occasional rays of freshness are notable, the latter derived a type of vetiver that I find quite unexciting.

Now to the performance: the sillage is quite soft but the projection is all right, but the really good thing is the excellent longevity of nine hours on my skin.

Overall this is pleasant and, whilst not an exciting composition, it hits the gaļac wood note quite well, and this is a feat not often found in a scent. Additionally, it is very well blended. All this and the very good longevity make me push it across the line to a positive score. 3/5
31st August, 2015
miserable sillage and good duration, linear and boring to tears!
30th April, 2015
Gaiac is a spicy-woody scent loaded with warm, glueish resins, with a sweetish vanilla-cardamom frame revived by fruity-citrus hints, and with a (sadly) remarkable dose of cloves all over. Sticky, "white-yellow", bright and mellow, not bad but fairly monotone. After a couple of hours or so it becomes just a bit drier and less sticky, but the woody-spicy-resinous structure is practically identical. Not bad, but surely not the most versatile and dynamic around – for fans of these few notes only.

08th August, 2014
A pleasant and beautiful smell fragrance that unfortunately doesn’t last and project that much.
The opening is a sweet woody scent with some spices and some tart and fresh feeling in the background.
The guaiac wood which is the main note of the fragrance does have a sharp and also smoky aroma. Something like cedar but in a different way and also smoky.
The vanilla is strong too and give the scent a very charming and beautiful sweet scent and tune down the guaiac wood a little bit.
The spicy note of the fragrance isn’t that strong but with a really good dose give the scent more masculine aroma.
The bergamot smell also is weak and in the background and you can detect it just by tart feeling that gives the scent.
It’s very linear so don’t expect too much changes.
Only the tart bergamot and spices will settle down after a while and you will have that vanilla and guaiac wood combo all the way through.
Projection is weak and mostly close to the skin and longevity is around 4-6 hours which is above average.
Nice smell and good quality but it’s nothing really new or different.
16th February, 2014

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