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Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc
by Regina Harris


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About Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc

Frankincense - Myrrh - Rose Maroc is a feminine perfume by Regina Harris.

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Shadya Show all reviews
United States
I live in Doha, Qatar where perfume is important. There is hardly a street in Doha that does not have a perfume or incense store. Al-Qurashi perfumes are the most luxerious with incense that costs thousands of dollars. Rose Maroc is the closest thing to walking past the Qurashi perfume store and smelling the incense and rose oil. I love this perfume so much, and tried to find a perfume that was less expensive, but the smell cant be matched. Rose Maroc is not a light, breezy perfume, rather it's contents are thicker than perfumes with a resin type base. I thought that might be an issue with clothing, but I place the perfume on my wrists or neck and I have simply not had any problem. This is a wonderful change, and I prefer wearing it in the fall and winter - or for me when the weather is cooler. This scent is long lasting and even at today's prices, I would not hesitate to purchase a bottle.
09th September, 2010
BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
If you're like me, you grew up wondering 'Just what is Frankincense and Myrrh, and why is it an appropriate gift for a new born?"

This scent smells like an archetypical myth. The ones where the hero must journey into the abyss, to a place where nothing grows, nothing is hoped for and nothing can be had. And from this place the hero must retrieve what he came for: that which is most precious.

This is why it's a gift to new borns, because infants, who have no olfactory library to reference, sense this and know "Ah, this I remember!"

That said, how does RM's version hold up? It's good, quite good, and I give it a 8 out of a 10. i would like to see more longevity, but I do think that the price is reasonable for the quality. worth trying, but if you are a serious collector of attars i would look towards the Orient, as Westerners tend to take more liberties with their archetypes.
08th April, 2010
Regina Harris has created a bit of magic with this dark syrupy oil concentrated inside a jewel treasure of a bottle. The opening smells like rich coffee in the combination with myrrh, spices and rose. A slight enrichment of frankincense follows to add some serious weight to the light rose. Rose hides behind the myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood, and spices. Similar to Profumum Santalum and MPG Santal Noble, Regina Harris Frankincense-Myrrh-Rose Maroc is a warm myrrh heavy sandalwood warmed slightly by rose.

The bottle design as a tiny arabian treasure and the fragrance as a perfume oil instead of alcohol based scent are very nice marketing ideas that present this fragrance as a very special treasured oil. Expensive, yes, but it is worth the price to own this bit of magic in a bottle.
12th April, 2009 (last edited: 21st August, 2009)

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